NATAL CHART READING: About the Future Wife

 Example case study of Reading Chart using Personal Astrosignature

If your question is if you will meet your future wife this year. it's sad but the answer is not this year and the next one in 2023.

because it can be seen in your personal astrosignature, although there is a strong influence of romance and sexuality currently, but the friendship, family Astrosignature is very low. ( red line of Graph)

if your question is how the personal astrosignature is calculated.

It's based on the Aspects in the natal chart using the point system, it's like an algorithm, For example, it is possible that the Transit of Jupiter like Jupiter trine Mercury etc Affect certain kinds of business activities (perhaps stock market prices, or consumer purchasing, or gold prices) might correlate with the "Business Success" or possibly the "Good Luck, Optimism" scores.

For More info and explanation of Personal Astrosignature, use this link

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