♑ Capricorn, Did you Ask your Self, Do I Need Money on the Spiritual Path?

 Money is a direct reflection of our fate/merit axis, and we can see what kind of people we are by looking at our relationship with and how we handle our money. 

  • Are we afraid of it? 
  • Do we think it’s evil? 
  • Are we greedy? 
  • Are we arrogant with it? 
  • Do we judge others for their wealth or their poverty? 
  • Do we feel we can determine what is fair or owed? 

The way we deal with money indicates how much control the ego has over us. Although this world is an illusion, it is only an illusion for those who accept and live by this truth within the forefront of their minds and from the depths of their hearts. 

For everyone else, money is as real as pain. 
What we learn from Capricorn is that everything in this world has a price. 
Nothing in this world is truly free because someone, somewhere always pays the price, and sometimes paying this price with money is the cheapest and safest way to pay the debt. The ego wants us to think we can get spiritual wisdom for free. That way, we don’t have to transform. However, no vessel is built without payment.


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