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Programming The Solar Month of ♒ AQUARIUS SEASON 2023

January 21 to February 19 

How People May Behave During Solar Month of Aquarius Season

A generally innovative month, Aquarius is the time when we need to access the bigger picture. People will feel strongly about their ideas and may even get a bit aggressive about them. People may also be a bit stubborn and insensitive toward others in the face of implementing their ideals. 

Keep this in mind as people are acting in the following ways: 

• like they are God’s gift to humanity 

• like their projects are God’s gift to humanity 

• that they are the only person who can do it 

• violent (mostly intellectually and verbal) 

• cold 

• isolated 

• arrogant 

• aloof

How to Harness The Power of  Aquarius Season 

• be open to the cosmic plan  
• don’t expect everyone to know what you’re saying 
•  make an effort to explain without preaching 
•  ask for help from others 
• put yourself in their shoes
• find yourself by connecting with others 
• learn to be normal 
• work intimate relationships 
• commit 
• treat people more than their ideas 
• stay warm 

Important  Days 

• new moon in Aquarius • full moon of Aquarius • the Chinese New Year • Valentine’s Day 

Gifts of Aquarius 

• spontaneous • out-of-the-box thinking • innovative • intelligent • social • networking • forward thinking • humanitarian • evolved

How to Activate the Gifts of Aquarius 

• purify the old in order to make your wishes come true 
• surrender to the process of decontamination 
• know the difference between a detox and being ill 
• be mindful how you use your energy 
• study your astrological chart 
• use your gifts for humanity 
• put your ideas into action 
• allow others to have good ideas 
• remember that people do not typically treat others the way they want to be treated 
• share your light with others 
• remember that your blessings in your life are sometimes for others
• guide others by staying true to yourself 
• expand your mind and push forward 
• find the joy in monogamy

One of the secret names of the AQUARIUS SEASON is ''fishhook''

You, too, can tap into the pool of the collective unconscious for information and inspiration within the month of Aquarius Season. Learn More...



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