PISCES + CANCER ( Man and woman ) Coupling

 These two could make an incredible difference in each other’s lives if they avoid the land mines. Pisceans, when healthy, won’t turn to drugs or alcohol; rather, they’ll embrace a spirituality that guides them in psychic ways. 

They’re caring and perceptive and present a brighter reflection of what’s going on around them than any other sign. 

Cancers need a certain amount of safety. When their Pisces friends remind them that life can be good and should be created in any way they want, then relationship magic is assured. Cancers can take a protective lead with their Pisces partners without being overly controlling. Crabs should remember that there are many different realities and remind themselves that Fish probably have a repertoire of realities that exceeds most people’s personal limits. 

Together these signs can make the world a safer place for each other. It helps to keep in mind that when things get murky and either partner starts to feel codependent, there’s nothing like a separate vacation— or maybe even just a solo bath would do the trick. Never fear, because there’s an enormous supply of mutual interests that will keep things mentally stimulating, while fostering a deep understanding. These two can have a ball together for a long, long time.


Cancer Man / Pisces Woman

  • Two sensitive souls with acutely creative spirits. With him, she delves into a vocation, inching closer to goals. He breaks through lingering emotional limitations. Bed is their messy center of activity.


Cancer  Man / Pisces Man

  • Together, they probe remote corners of experience—spiritual exploration is a possibility. Soul-searching enhances their chances of relationship success. They both crave romance and often find it with each other.


Cancer  Woman / Pisces Woman

  • They experience their first meeting as a "religious" experience. Little wonder: Vivid déjà vu accompanies an intense, undeniable physical attraction. A long-term bond will be life-altering. Sex is heightened.

Cancer  Woman / Pisces Man

  • They push each other's buttons, though with the best of intentions. An absorbing bond: He especially uncovers old burdens, healing in the process. Cancer opens up, too. Sex is an escape from stresses.



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