MERCURY - MOON Synastry in Sesquisquare Aspect

Arguments can cause upset feelings in a relationship with this Mercury Sesquisquare Moon Synastry combination of planets. 

All types of associations can suffer some setbacks under this influence, but personal relationships are particularly fraught with difficulties. 
  • 👉 Synastry, also known as the relationship astrology, is an interpretation of any established relationships, be it professional, marital, romantic relationships, or others between individuals..
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Friction seems to result no matter how MERCURY ( You ) Sesquisquare MOON ( Your Partner ) try to approach each other on intimate matters. MERCURY ( You ) Sesquisquare MOON ( Your Partner ) relationship suffers because of unspoken problems, or perhaps either MOON ( Your Partner ) or MERCURY ( You ) speaks their mind too often. 

Either way the problem is communication. 

No matter how hard both MERCURY ( You ) Sesquisquare MOON ( Your Partner ) try they cannot seem to understand each other's way of seeing things and how each other feels. MOON ( Your Partner ) communicates on an intuitive or feeling level whereas MERCURY ( You ) is the more rational thinker. 

As a result MERCURY ( You ) Sesquisquare MOON ( Your Partner ) alternate between passion and rationality, having difficulty understanding the other person. MERCURY ( You ) Sesquisquare MOON ( Your Partner ) behaviour seems at odds with their needs, and they do not seem to be able to comfortably settle down in the relationship. On a more positive note MERCURY ( You ) Sesquisquare MOON ( Your Partner ) may not mind a little friction in their intimate relationship. 

However, it's more likely that Prince and Astrosignature would both do well to work on their communication skills. As a result MERCURY ( You ) Sesquisquare MOON ( Your Partner ) can develop skills which help to overcome the problems enabling them to better understand each other.

What it's like to date a Pisces Man
Pisces man is is the ultimate romantic, the sensitive man who feels with his partner. Pisces male is the ideal sign for those who complain that men are not sensitive enough, because this man is. However, he has such an ideal of romance that is unrealistic and will fall out of love when he realizes that there is no such thing as the perfect partner. 

This man lives in the world of dreams and he needs someone to keep him grounded. He always seems to chose the wrong people, or a person he can't have; like someone married, that way there is no worry about becoming emotionally attached. He needs someone who can dominate him, but very subtly. That person has to be able to help him steer clear of bad habits and bad thoughts. 

A Pisces man needs sensitivity, generosity and compassion. Nurture him and he will nurture you back. Expect a fulfilling emotional relationship.


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