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MERCURY - JUPITER Synastry in Trine or Sextile Aspect

This is a positive Synastry combination of the planets Mercury ( You ) and Jupiter ( Your Partner ) in Trine or Sextile Aspect, and provides inspiration in any relationship whether it is a friendship, work association or more intimate union. 
  • 👉 Synastry, also known as the relationship astrology, is an interpretation of any established relationships, be it professional, marital, romantic relationships, or others between individuals..
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Both Mercury ( You ) and Jupiter ( Your Partner ) discover new worlds through their association. They enjoy broadening their minds through overseas travel or by learning about different cultures in books and study courses. Philosophy, metaphysics and religion are topics of conversation, which stimulate and expand their minds. 

It's also possible that Mercury ( You ) and Jupiter ( Your Partner ) pursue activities connected with philanthropic or philosophical ideologies. In particular Mercury ( You ) mind is extended through his relationship with Jupiter ( Your Partner )

Mercury ( You ) is willing to listen and accept the wisdom of Jupiter ( Your Partner ) ideas. In turn Mercury ( You ) is able to provide ways in which Jupiter ( Your Partner ) can better communicate his ideas. Together they are able to grow and learn.

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⭐ Aries 
Aries live life at their own pace, and won’t slow down if you can’t keep up with them. You might find yourself left behind while your partner has gone far ahead in life. Rather than compromising a little, they seek out greener pastures in no time! Their stubborn and arrogant nature makes things more difficult for their partners. They like having it their way, no matter what, and firmly believe themselves to be right most of the time. The Aries people are also a little insensitive and confront their partners with all sorts of uncomfortable questions. 
⭐ Taurus 
Taureans are truly bullheaded, and putting up with their inflexible and stubborn attitude daily, is no mean feat! It’s not everybody’s cup of tea to be in a loving relationship with a Taurus; they are more of an acquired taste. Another negative consequence of Taurean’s rigid personality is that they hate change. They are money-oriented and love saving, so you find them acting frugal sometimes. 
⭐ Gemini 
The Gemini is addicted to newness, in other words, they get bored just-like-that! For the short honeymoon phase of their relationship, the love and attention they shower on their partners have no bounds. But soon after, they lose interest and instinctively feel drawn to someone new.  You’ll need to grow a thick skin to keep yourself from getting hurt over a Gemini’s inconsistent nature. Also, you need to fulfill their constant need for thrill and spontaneity to keep them from straying. If it’s an important matter, it’s best not to depend on the Gemini. They are impulsive and may suddenly become unavailable.  
 ⭐ Cancer 
A romantic relationship with a Cancer means keeping up with really high expectations, all the time. They expect their partners to be devoted to them. Yes, they are empathetic souls willing to put in a lot of effort to make things work, but they expect the same kind of behavior from the other person also.  A Cancerian’s overly emotional nature can be seen as clinginess and can be a big turnoff. All they wish is to spend time with you. They are moody and can get negative when things don’t go their way.
⭐ Leo 
Leo is one of the proudest zodiacs, and their ego is sky-high, yet very fragile. They are demanding, possessive, and thrive on attention. And if you fail to give them all your attention, you’ll have to face their wrath. Leos tend to be emotionally high-maintenance. They put in a lot of effort but they expect a lot in return as well. They are protective of their loved ones, but that often becomes possessiveness. Their pride and confidence make them domineering and not everyone can maintain a balanced relationship with Leos. Moreover, it’s not possible for everyone to pacify an enraged Leo. Very few can control their anger. 
⭐ Virgo 
Falling in love with the prim and proper zodiac has its own set of problems. First of all, Virgos demand that you give your best in all situations- they never cut you any slack! Virgos enjoy finding flaws in others. Criticizing is their way of helping you improve in life. Secondly, a regular relationship doesn’t please them- they always crave something extraordinary. Lastly, they have severe trust issues, which makes them overly judgmental of the people around them. When offended, a Virgo can say pretty mean things that end up hurting you badly. 
⭐ Libra 
Being in a relationship with a Libra means taking all the responsibility on your shoulders. You have to be in the driver’s seat always; they never take the lead. Over time, Libran’s indecisive and confused nature can get on your nerves.  Librans want to experience everything. Their biggest fear is that they are missing out on something- they are lifelong sufferers of FOMO! While the Libra freely expresses their flirtatious nature, similar behavior on your part will rouse their jealousy, leaving them in a foul mood. 
Being intensely passionate has a downside- Scorpios are emotionally unpredictable, with severe mood swings. They are masters of the silent treatment, and you can never guess what’s concocting inside their heads. If rubbed the wrong way, Scorpios stop at nothing to have their sweet revenge. “Forgive and forget” doesn’t belong in their dictionaries. Scorpios have trust issues, which sometimes make them overly possessive and protective of the one they love. 
⭐ Sagittarius
 If you seek a partner who loves you even when you’re not in a good place emotionally, the Sagittarian might not be the right person to love.  People of this zodiac love their independence and are often scared to commit. They need somebody self-sufficient with clear-cut life goals. They dislike dependency of any sort. They perceive it as neediness, and that’s a big turnoff for the freedom-loving Sagittarian.  Adventure is a must to make things work with Sagittarius. If you don’t make things exciting for them, they will detach themselves from you. 
⭐ Capricorn 
If you love a Capricorn, you need to be alright about not being a priority in his/her life. Their dreams and aspirations mean the world to them. They are obstinate and fail to learn lessons from their mistakes. They hate depending on their partners, are emotionally unavailable, and can be a little too pragmatic. At times, the Capricorn can behave so coldly that it’ll make you wonder if you at all have a place in their heart! The Capricorn loves controlling every aspect of their life, which includes the relationship. So don’t be surprised if you find them dominating and manipulative. 
 ⭐ Aquarius 
Fall in love with this zodiac only if you’re ready for a highly competitive relationship. Being smart and well-read, they only settle for someone who equals their smartness. So, you need to be a proactive learner and constantly prove that you’re as sharp as them. You also need to put extra effort into understanding Aquarians as they come off as aloof and unemotional. If things don’t go their way, they can act aggressive and crazy! 
⭐ Pisces 
A Piscean craves your undivided attention, which means you might not have any time for other important goals in your life. In addition to this, you have to deal with their bouts of self-pity. In short, they are a lot of work. 


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