MARS - MARS Synastry in Semisquare Aspect

Arguments and tension are rife in this relationship. 

Both MARS ( You ) and MARS ( Your Partner ) Semisquare Aspect in Synastry or  have a strong drive to spend time together, but have difficulty heading off disagreements. 

The problem is that their desires are in conflict. The Semisquare is a 45-degree aspect, which is considered to be a minor aspect, but it can still have a significant impact on a relationship..

The Mars-Mars synastry in a semisquare aspect signifies a relationship where there is a subtle friction and tension between the assertive, competitive, and energetic qualities represented by Mars..

This is true for friends and work colleagues, and also for lovers where the tension can adversely affect sexual relations. At times MARS ( You ) and MARS ( Your Partner ) feel as though they are competing against each other. They view each other as egotistical and arrogant, whereas in fact they are both exhibiting these traits in the relationship. 

The trouble is that both MARS ( You ) and MARS ( Your Partner ) are acting as if they are on opposing sides rather than working in harmony. The challenge is to try to join forces if they want a long-term relationship. A joint activity into which they can direct intense energy could prove helpful. Another tactic may be to give each other plenty of time to pursue separate interests.

As with any aspect in synastry, the overall compatibility and impact of the Mars-Mars semisquare will depend on the entire chart and the other aspects present. It is vital to consider the full picture to understand how this aspect fits into the broader dynamics of the relationship..


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