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Communication plays a central role in the success of any relationship whether it be a love union, friendship or work association. 

This combination, MERCURY ( YOU ) and MERCURY ( YOUR PARTNER ) Quincunx Aspect in Synastry Chart indicates a difficult liaison. 

A Quincunx aspect between two planets, in this case Mercury to Mercury, is also known as a 150-degree aspect. It's considered a minor aspect and is often associated with challenges and adjustments in communication, understanding, and compatibility. This aspect can have an impact on both romantic and friendship dynamics.
For Friendship,
Can similarly bring challenges in communication and understanding. Friends might find it hard to relate to each other's viewpoints or ideas. There might be moments when they don't fully comprehend each other's thoughts, leading to potential awkwardness or confusion. Building a strong friendship under this Quincunx aspect might require patience, empathy, and a willingness to make adjustments in the way they communicate.

You may find that you are constantly learning from each other, but you may also find that you clash from time to time.
For Romance,
It is a particularly tricky combination for personal relationships, which can thrive or fail on the basis of harmony or disharmony in communications. The combination can also create tension in friendships and work associations. 

The difficulties arise when MERCURY ( YOU ) and MERCURY ( YOUR PARTNER )  Aspect in , try to communicate their thoughts and opinions. Either MERCURY ( YOU ) and Elizyl disagree on many subjects or they fail to communicate exactly what is on their minds. Either way the end result is tension and arguments. 

Criticism plays too prominent a role in this relationship. Both MERCURY ( YOU ) and Elizyl feel irritable when together, but don't really understand the true cause of the friction. They feel compelled to communicate with each other; perhaps they have to work together on a joint project. However, harmony seems to elude this relationship. MERCURY ( YOU ) and Elizyl need to find methods of communicating clearly and calmly in order for this association to succeed. Perhaps written communication could help take the heat out of communications, or involving a third person as an advocate could prove beneficial.

In both romantic and friendship contexts, the key to making this aspect work is acknowledging the differences in communication styles and finding ways to accommodate each other's needs. It's a process of learning to appreciate the uniqueness of each individual's way of thinking and expressing themselves. With effort and understanding, this aspect can lead to personal growth and a deeper connection once the challenges are overcome.


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