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Writtenbythestar.blogspot's Sun in Taurus and Meroda rodac's Sun in Aquarius:

     While Writtenbythestar.blogspot often takes a practical, down-to-earth, simple approach to life, Meroda rodac is more inclined to take a modern, progressive or unconventional approach. This inclines the two of you to often differ on political and social issues as well as have different tastes in art, music, and aesthetics. Meroda rodac is more aware of modern trends, and stays more in tune with changing styles and current events, while Writtenbythestar.blogspot stubbornly holds on to the classics. This difference in your approach to life is not likely to create serious problems, but it does tend to be annoying at times. You are both stubborn (Writtenbythestar.blogspot is particularly stubborn!), and this can aggravate any problems between you.

Writtenbythestar.blogspot's Moon in Gemini and Meroda rodac's Moon in Libra:

     Both of you are more rational and reasonable than emotional so you are likely to get along well. Difficult situations or problems that arise between you are likely to be dealt with logically and with an attempt to be equitable and fair. Both of you are uncomfortable with an unrestrained expression of feelings, and you may ignore or avoid your own anger, fears, sadness, or other "dark" emotions. Meroda rodac always wants the relationship to be sweetness and light and tries to smooth everything over as quickly as possible. Writtenbythestar.blogspot will discuss or debate endlessly but detaches or becomes very uncomfortable when emotion threatens to overcome the reasonable tone of the discussion. Writtenbythestar.blogspot uses humor or verbosity as a defense against feeling difficult emotions, or dealing with other people's emotions.

     You are both very social creatures with a great need for companionship and conversation, though Meroda rodac is more personal, more interested in people and human situations while Writtenbythestar.blogspot is simply interested in ideas and will talk about anything at all! You are likely to appreciate one another's friendship very much.

Writtenbythestar.blogspot's Sun Conjunct Meroda rodac's Uranus:

     You inspire each other to try new things, experiment, and investigate alternatives. You may have met each other, for example, during a time period when both of you were breaking free from traditional values and exploring new possibilities. This is a good relationship for shared creative, innovative activities. You inspire each other, and have good times together, but you also find that commitments or contracts with each other are difficult to adhere to over time. This relationship works well as long as you don't make too many demands on each other.

Meroda rodac's Sun Square Writtenbythestar.blogspot's Saturn:

     Writtenbythestar.blogspot must be very careful not to harshly criticize or judge Meroda rodac. There is a strong tendency for Meroda rodac to feel blocked, frustrated, and discouraged by Writtenbythestar.blogspot. Typically, Writtenbythestar.blogspot will feel surprised by Meroda rodac's feelings of frustration and anger, and feel that Meroda rodac is just being overly sensitive to criticism. There is an element of truth to both viewpoints: Writtenbythestar.blogspot tends to be too critical of Meroda rodac and Meroda rodac tends to be too sensitive to the criticism; the combination can be disastrous! Meroda rodac may try to ignore the problem, but ignoring the problem will not cause the problem to disappear. On the positive side, you are often able to work together effectively in meeting challenges and responsibilities. However, the tendency to become overly concerned with your responsibilities and be too conservative, cautious, and restrictive towards each other must not get out of hand, or you will both feel severely confined and restricted by being together.

Writtenbythestar.blogspot's Moon Opposition Meroda rodac's Mars:

     Both of you get into an energetic mood when you are together. If you share an interest in the same sport (for example tennis or golf) you will enjoy competing against each other. However, you easily become impatient with each other and easily provoke each other's anger and hostility. You will need to be careful to avoid becoming adversaries.

Meroda rodac's Moon Trine Writtenbythestar.blogspot's Jupiter:

     A pleasant, harmonious tone pervades your relationship. This quality is so natural to your association that it is easy to take it for granted. You feel very at home and comfortable with each other. You put each other in a good mood. You may, however, also bring out a lazy, indolent, self-satisfied side in one another.

Writtenbythestar.blogspot's Mercury Conjunct Meroda rodac's Venus:

     You enjoy sharing ideas and viewpoints about art, culture, psychology, and literature. You work well together on ideas that involve an artistic or emotional quality. Conversations, in general, are pleasant and harmonious.

Writtenbythestar.blogspot's Venus Conjunct Meroda rodac's Venus:

     You enjoy the same pleasures, and your sense of aesthetics and beauty is very similar. Because your tastes are so similar and you enjoy many of the same activities, you enjoy each other's company and will probably grow to be very good friends.

Meroda rodac's Venus Square Writtenbythestar.blogspot's Neptune:

     You bring out the dreamy, artistic, poetic, romantic side of one another and your friendship can have a pronounced spiritual or platonic tone.  Misunderstandings, evasiveness, or outright deception can easily occur between you, however, leading to disappointment and disillusionment over the failure of your friend to be all you hoped and imagined.  Beware of seeing only what you want to see in one another, and be very cautious in any joint financial arrangements or investments.

Writtenbythestar.blogspot's Mars Trine Meroda rodac's Saturn:

     You can work together very effectively, focusing your energy and attention on the tasks at hand.  Writtenbythestar.blogspot feels that Meroda rodac will stand behind Writtenbythestar.blogspot's efforts and be a solid supporter, and Meroda rodac's experience or practicality is often a help to Writtenbythestar.blogspot.

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NATAL READING: Can You tell me If there is something positive in my chart?


Hi Unicorn, Here are Some Important point of your Chart 

Scores: Aries 3; Taurus 0; Gemini 1; Cancer 1; Leo 3; Virgo 3; Libra 0; Scorpio 7; Sagittarius 1; Capricorn 0; Aquarius 4; Pisces 0 

SCORPIO STRONG Intense, magnetic, penetrating perception, power to confront. Can be destructive, vengeful, jealous, overly dramatic. 

AQUARIUS STRONG Humanitarian, innovative, group conscious, progressive, serving others. Can be rebellious, eccentric, aloof, emotionally superficial, overly extroverted. 


The Significant of Nocturnal type of chart in Natal chart Reading


Planetary Period: Saturn subperiod Venus

From: Jun 14 2022 to Jan 9 2024 Age 15.3yrs to 16.9yrs

Whether you are a teenager or in your mid 40s, the focus is currently on your relationships and finances. Read more..

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