What Aries Needs to Know about Aries

Aries, your greatest weakness (and sometimes strength) is your inability to lay down your weapons and work for peace. You’ve come into existence with a predisposition for battle, and that’s what you’re good at. Surrender, regardless of how noble, is not one of your strong suits; and no matter what you call it, seeking a truce is a form of surrender for you. 

Answer this question for yourself: Who’s more powerful, the person who walks into a room of enemies with full armor and weapons fully loaded, or the one who strolls in wearing jeans and a T-shirt? Your initial instinct might cause you to say the first person, but you have to admit that the second is braver and more self-assured, as people respect that kind of self-confidence. Be the first to put your weapons down and encourage dialogue … it shows more strength and will consequently bring you more honor.


This union can lead to a great relationship that has a good chance of lasting. It will be a solid foundation to build on because each partner innately understands the motivation of the other. Whether they’re acting like primitive Neanderthals or tame intellectuals, the bond between them is based on one thing: ruthless honesty. These individuals assume that both of them are doing exactly what they want without apology, and that kind of basic groundwork makes for a long-lasting structure!

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