AQUARIUS MAN: The Sign of Sexual Evolution

Aquarius man is the most estranged character in the zodiac. 

He exudes an air of detachedness, an ironic symptom of his sign's infamous association with human liberty. On a one-to-one level, he feels set apart from others, while he is often predisposed to belonging to a larger, set social group, class, or even a philosophical ideology. 

For much of his youth, Aquarius is considered a bit of a freak, eccentric in his signature offbeat perceptions and predilections. Still, though he starts out feeling like an oddity, Aquarius develops into a social vanguard, capable of breaking existing molds and conjuring new ways of viewing the world. 

The roster of Aquarians is filled with revelatory thinkers and scientists who were ridiculed for their ideas before being recognized as veritable seers. Indeed, Aquarius has the power to glimpse truths that are yet to be proven—as if gazing into the future. 

Thus, he is the consummate man of conviction, no matter how outrageous his belief system, and his signature utopian notions are often catching. The most adept guru (or cult leader), Aquarian's demeanor says, "I know something you don't know;" As such, potential mates fall under this demigod/demagogue's spell. 

To women, he seems sorted and self-sufficient in a sea of unstable men, only to exhibit his notoriously skewed if not sordid side in the sack. Typically cautious of other men, he tends to prefer no-strings sexual bonds, taking his sweet time (and sometimes never) settling into a steady relationship.


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