AQUARIUS WOMAN: The Sign of Sexual Revelation

 Aquarius woman is an inspiration. 
Her natural disposition is to see the joy in every situation, and she's able to make even the dreariest of events seem like fun. 

To her the world is painfully beautiful, and she greets every day with an unscripted childlike awe, open to what cheery serendipity might cross her path as she whistles through her routine. She cares little for worldly trends or the trappings of supposed sophistication—that proverbial square peg who can't be fit to social convention. 

Aquarius can be an eccentric with a taste for the outlandish, and she is not in the least precious about herself or her appearance. She is the zodiac's finger painter, unafraid of rolling up her sleeves and getting messy in the expressing of her heart's content. Even when committed to a nine-to-five job—she is dutiful and regimented to the core—Aquarius tends to indulge in some arguably wacky after-hours hobby. 

In time, she may chuck the security of a steady paycheck and gamble on dreams that strike others as bonkers. Her choice in men is often similarly suspect: She is drawn to flagrant, overbearing, or megalomaniacal men whom she imagines lacking in love, but who otherwise offer her the liberal independence she requires, if only by virtue of being so wrapped up in themselves. 

She can be the quintessential woman who loves too much. Alternatively, one wonders if she loves enough, so dispassionate are her relationships. With other women, she adopts a pedagogical role, a sort of kind headmistress in bonds that invariably combine a shared personal life with professional aims.



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