Conjunct: or Same Zodiac Sign Compatibility

 Energy: Self-acceptance 
There is an old saying that you can’t love someone else without first being able to love yourself. If you are in a committed relationship or a marriage with someone with the same Zodiac sign, you will need to have embraced your own uniqueness and personality characteristics so that you can celebrate them as a kindred spirit. 

This pairing is referred to as sun conjunct sun, which is an aspect that promotes harmony and ease. You and your partner likely have similar approaches and outlooks on life. If you haven’t learned to love and accept yourself, quirks and all, this bond can inspire some very important self-acceptance. Just keep in mind that, while you might be comfortable “twinning,” you need to keep some separation between your lives, or you may end up thinking you make better friends. 

It is like dating the worst and the best of yourself, which isn’t always easy. 
Examples of this match are obvious: Aries/Aries, Taurus/Taurus, and so on.

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