Your most Compatible live together base on what is Written in you star

Knowing which zodiac signs are the most compatible to live together can offer some early insight before you sign that lease.

It's ultimately about finding a balance of energies that will compliment one another in a shared space.

While some pairings make sense because of their similarities, such as Aries and Sagittarius, other pairings finding harmony in their complementary differences, like Cancer and Scorpio. If you've ever lived with someone before, you know there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own home. Differences will inevitably come up, so you'll need to have the right personality dynamics to worth through them in a productive way.

With that said, here are the signs that should live well together, so go ahead and book that moving van.  


There is no question that Aries has boundless energy and can be a little intense, which means that they can also take up a lot of room in a shared living space. Fortunately for Aries, Aquarius is the yin to their yang, thanks to their easy-breezy nature. Aquarius is happy to tag along with Aries on their adventures and is also equally happy to quietly keep to themselves. Together, they create a perfect harmony of cohabitation energy.


Taurus and Capricorn is a friendship and roommate dream team in terms of compatibility. That’s because both are earth signs and share an appreciation for the finer things in life. Both Taurus and Capricorn are practical and reliable, so fighting over chores should never be an issue. Plus, they both prefer a clean and organized space, so you can count on the house to be both clean and beautifully decorated.



These two signs make for perfect living companions thanks to their shared, complex energy. Gemini’s duality and Libra’s desire for balance make for a great pairing. They are both highly social signs that love to chat and connect, so living together is intellectually stimulating and satisfying for both parties. Where these two may find some friction is that Gemini has a ceiling when it comes to social activity and, when it’s reached, requires a lot of personal space to recharge. It's up to Libra to read the room and recognize when to back off.


While these two signs may at first appear to be at odds, the fact is that they are both water signs, which makes them highly compatible, both romantically and as roommates. This is because they share a powerful depth of emotion and communication style. Yes, they are different creatures, but there is strength in that. Where one is strong, the other struggles and vice versa, so together they create a perfect balance


Leo and Libra speak the same language, so being in a shared space should be no problem for the two of them. They both also share the same level of energy and desire to be social. You can count on these two to host all of the house parties. When Leo and Libra live together, there is never a dull moment.


Virgo is notorious for insisting on their living space being organized and kept just so. For many signs, this would be a major point of friction, but it's a dream for Capricorn, who shares Virgo’s need for orderliness and dislike for clutter. Plus, Capricorn has the confidence and thick skin to deal with Virgo’s inevitable freakout when a pillow is out of place.


Sagittarius is a sign that is actually happiest living on their own. They are always super-independent, so having to share a space with most folks would feel limiting and confining. In order to be happy sharing a space, they need a personality as free and open as their own. Aries, with their desire to always seek out adventure, is the perfect fit. That’s because they'll either be up for whatever Sag is feeling, or they won't be home much because they're busy off doing their own thing. A perfect fit.


Living with and Aquarius is just so easy. Honestly, any sign would be happy to call them a living companion. They go with the flow, take up a very little space, and are equally happy hanging out or in their own company. Sagittarius makes a good living companion — and romantic partner really — because they appreciate Aquarius for being their oh-so-unconventional self. They both celebrate it and are intrigued by it. Aquarius, for their part, is just happy to let Sag just be a Sag.


Pisces leads with their hearts in all areas of their lives, especially when they are in their own home, so they are best off living with someone who won't just take advantage of their nature, but will also reciprocate in kind. This is because while Pisces may be all heart, they also become disillusioned and resentful in time — not a great living situation. This is why Cancer, with its equally warm and giving heart, makes for the perfect living companion.
Deciding whether or not to move in with someone can feel like a big decision — and honestly, it is, but hopefully with a little help from the stars, it just got a little bit easier.


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