♓ PISCES, You may be intensely attracted but incompatible in the long run with some Signs

You may be intensely attracted but incompatible in the long run with some Signs. Your chances for an enduring relationship are outlined below. 

⭐ ARIES: You need someone more sympa-thetic. The fiery Ram won't take tune to probe hidden depths.  

⭐ TAURUS: This Rock of Gibraltar protects you from life's storms with a love that seems al-most fated.

⭐ GEMINI: Too cool and detached to really fathom your feelings. Don't permit a Twin to hurt you.

⭐ CANCER: Someone to watch over you. The ebbs and flows of your mutual moods will blend remarkably.

⭐ LEO: Cats are known to devour Fish. Glide too close and you could become a late night snack 

⭐ VIRGO: While Fish got to swim, Virgo will want you to surface and face reality. Seek your own depth.

⭐ LIBRA: As romantic as you are, but a stickler for logic. You'd rather not debate every issue.
⭐ SCORPIO: This mystical match will appeal to your love of intrigue and magic. A potential soulmate.

⭐ SAGITTARIUS: The Archer's barbed words could devastate you—like shooting Fish in a barrel!

⭐ CAPRICORN: Will guide you upstream to the finer things in life. You can bank on this relationship.

⭐ AQUARIUS: With this lively one’s electricity and you deep waters, expect dangerous shocks.
⭐ PISCES: As long as you’re caught up on the same net of dreams and illusions, you won’t drift apart.


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