♏ SCORPIO, You maybe intensely attracted but incompatible in the long run with some Signs

You maybe intensely attracted but incompatible in the long run with some Signs. Your chances for an enduring relation-ship are outlined below: 


ARIES: A power struggle! You're both forceful, dominant types. Romance sizzles, then bums out 

TAURUS: The earth quakes when you two tangle. This direct type can't bear your silent treatment.   -

GEMINI: A charming flirt who'll tease, but elude your intense emotional, psychological probing. 

CANCER: You'll be magnetically drawn. Protective of one an-other, you'll share a romantic cocoon. 

LEO: Your secret desire to domi nate will rival Leo's need to rule. Expect clashes and conflicts. 

VIRGO: Genuine rapport underlies your outward differences. You'll appreciate Virgo's devotion. 

LIBRA: Too airy and easygoing. May not value your fixed, reso-lute, unchanging ways and views. 

SCORPIO: A real soul mate. You won't need words to convey how you feel. Passion will run deep. 

SAGITTARIUS: If the Archer's barbed words wound, your Scor-pion sting is likely to retaliate. 

CAPRICORN: The Goat will take you seriously, which is just what you want A lasting alliance. 

AQUARIUS: Electric tension! This could be a shocking match that soon will fizzle right out. 

PISCES: As emotional as you, The Fish glides easily to your depths. You'll feel understood! 


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