Great dating Advise for #SCORPIO Sign

You're magnetic, dynamic partner at social events. Scorpio, especially when you play up your good points and tone down negative traits. 

You Scorpions have an intense gaze and  fascinating air of mystery that promises passion. But it also may hint at intrigue, jealousy and possessiveness. When you send out such foreboding signals, a potential amor may be frightened away. 

On dates, don't try to manipulate a partner's .... ---->>

Emotions, just relax and allow good feelings to flow. To appear your most dramatic and seductive, wear shades of scarlet and black. Suggest picturesque settings for an evening out: a small, secluded cafĂ©, a boat ride at sunset, or a concert hall where the music is spectacular. 

Avoid social situations filled with trivialities and small tang your boredom would be sure to show. You're at your best when the talk is deep and meaningful. With your special talent for ESP, Scorpio, you may even communicate better without words- on a soul-to-soul basis. 




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