SCORPIO + SAGITTARIUS Love Scope, What you need to know

Scorpio + Sagittarius, Basic Relationship 

Sagittarius follows Scorpio on the grand Zodiac wheel, which means that these two signs are brought together for a learning experience. Scorpios have their heads down, focusing inward on the deepest, darkest caverns of their inner psyches. Sagittarians have their heads held high in the sky, looking for what’s possible beyond the big horizon. 

They proselytize, flirt, love to talk, and forget everything. Scorpios analyze, shun the world, are critical, and remember each conversation and thought they have … and the list of differences goes on and on. When these two come together as a couple, there’s enough magic and mysticism to send Sagittarians into an excited frenzy and Scorpios into one of their moods of intense obsession. Scorpios like the light yet deep feelings they get from Sags, who enjoy the brooding intensity they see in Scorpios. They’re both seeking what they fear the most: Scorpions hate the thought of public exposure, and Archers are the most likely sign to blurt out Scorpios’ secrets (bad choice, by the way). 

Also, Sagittarians despise receiving heavy-handed criticisms, which is exactly what the truth-telling Scorpio is known for. In spite of their glaring dissimilarites, these two usually find their initial connection quite exciting.

Scorpio + Sagittarius  Passion Zone 

Sagittarians are flirts and see sex as a giant playground where overyone is naked and spinning on the merry-go-round, just waiting to be chosen.

Meanwhile, Scorpios have such passion that there’s very little that’s of interest to them without a certain amount of sexual attraction … and they find it interesting when people appear to be free from the heavy burdens of life. They seek someone quite different from them, and the initial meeting with Sagittarians often fits the bill quite nicely. Archers are open to new sexual menus and certainly like to take things as far as they can. Then it’s time to move along, leaving their Scorpions with a mixed bag of intrigue and mistrust. 
What Scorpio Needs to Know about Sagittarius

 Sagittarians carry deeper traumas than they initially portray. They have a wonderful and contagious optimism that inspires and encourages, but it lies on top of a depressed and often wounded person. Naturally, it’s easy to root for the jovial side, Scorpio, but be prepared: Sagittarians take things to the extreme, and their melancholy could be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. When they’re down, they need the encouragement of someone who believes in something bigger, and that’s an area you need to work on as well. 
Remember that depression for Sagittarians is usually temporary and doesn’t necessarily reveal a flaw in their character; it’s more a reflection of the cyclical process of their growth. Be patient when you find them in this space, and avoid giving pat answers to questions about those feelings they’re trying to understand. 



What Sagittarius Needs to Know about Scorpio

 Scorpios will remember everything bad that you’ve ever done to them, Sag. It’s part of their personality to look for what hurts. Sometimes they don’t let you know that you’ve harmed them until some random moment when you accidentally trip a switch that causes them to unleash a barrage of verbal attacks, bringing up every slight you were ever guilty of. They expect loyalty (you’ll get your share from them and more) and don’t tolerate feeling betrayed or embarrassed, even if you explain it as temporary insanity (or having one too many drinks). 

Scorpios have a habit of assuming everyone functions from complete awareness, and even things you do unconsciously tell them about you and your true nature. In fact, they’re known to provoke anger just to hear your uncensored honesty. Scorpios are jealous creatures, and you like to flirt. That’s probably all that needs to be said about that … but do use common sense. It would also be wise for you to honor their deep confessions. It might make for good gossip, but you’d better be able to prove you can keep a secret.

Scorpio + Sagittarius LoveScope 

The union of Scorpios and Sagittarians has a strong initial foundation. Intrigue, passion, and appreciation abound at the outset, but as these two deepen their connection, a willingness to stick with it is necessary, because much of what each requires won’t be naturally obtained from the other. Sagittarians are children of Zeus; thus they carry a rather large sense of entitlement. This doesn’t completely define who they are, but it’s the part of them that loves drawing attention from the outside world. 

This works in public, since Scorpios like to remain invisible; but it doesn’t work very well in their private lives, where Scorpios want to experience a personal and shared depth … a place Sagittarians don’t want to go. Archers need someone to get excited about life and help them believe that they can soar, but to be cheerleaders or see the glass as half full is against Scorpions’ natural tendencies. They call it being realistic, but their mates would call it just downright negative. If they choose to make a go of it, these two have the potential to know great joy together. Sagittarians can find complete support from loyal Scorpios through thick and thin, and Scorpios will be supported with laughter and hope in every dark chasm they may happen to fall into.


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