SCORPIO Love — where to find it

Knowing where to look to find love can be a challenge for any Sign of the Zodiac. 

It may be even more difficult for you intense Scorpios to locate an amor as passionate as you. But if you need the wisdom of astrology, you can be at the right place at just the right time to meet your match. Start your search on a ... 

Thursday, late in the evening when your sixth sense is strongest. 

Since you radiate magnetism when the mood is magical, seek out places where mystery casts a spell; a seaside coffeehouse, a fantasy theme park, a midnight show ing of a cult film or a river boat ride or ocean cruise would be ideal. Head for haunts where offbeat interest can be shared; a New Age bookstore, a séance or a get-together of UFO enthusiasts could lead you to your soul mate. 

During daytime hours, choose out-of-the way activities, a group fishing trip, backwoods nature hike, even a foreign film festival. For long-range love luck join a "secret" society. Wherever you go, be on the lookout for compatible Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn types. 

Your Scorpio choices and chances regarding marriage are revealed by your opposite sign of Taurus

A MUST FOR YOU IN MARRIAGE: A loving relationship with strong mutual ties of loyalty and passion. 

YOUR IDEAL PARTNER: Someone sensual and affectionate who appreciates the good things in life. 

SECRET TURN-ONS: A mellow or distinctive voice, expensive jewels, satin sheets, big spenders. 

GREATEST CHALLENGE IN MARRIAGE: Power plays with a partner over who will dominate the relationship. 

HOW YOU CAN RESOLVE THIS: Realize that you can’t really change your mate – only yourself. 

PROBLEMS IN COMMITTING TO MARRIAGE: Not allowing others to get close enough to know the real you. 

REASONS YOU MAY MARRY: Intense devotion to a partner once you have found the right one. 

WHY YOU MAY PUT OFF MARRIAGE: A desire to remain a mystery may triumph over partnership needs. 

  • (1) Do I approach things 50–50?
  • (2) Can I settle for less than I’d hoped for? 
  • (3) Do I adjust easily on the moods and desires of others? 
If you answered yes to 2 out of 3, you’re the marrying kind.



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