♏ SCORPIO hidden strengths — how to use them for Success

As a Scorpio, 
Your obvious strengths are your determination, industry and courage. 

These traits are second nature and easy to use for success. 
But, your hidden strengths may be even more effective, once tapped. Because they are buried deep within your subconscious mind, a special technique may be needed to activate them. 

Your greatest hidden strength is an... uncanny ability to harmonize even difficult situations by understanding the views of others. 

Next time you face a clash of wits, instead of engaging in a power play, try to connect con-sciously with the healing powers deep within you. 

Relax, close your eyes for a few moments and breathe deeply. 

Visualize the most constructive solution. 

Then repeat, "The best path appears before me." Let your mind be open and receptive. Chances are, you'll see resentment give way to understanding that brings peace of mind and leads you along the road to ever great success. 



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