CAPRICORN + PISCES LoveScope : What each other Need to know

Capricorn + Pisces The Basic Relationship 

Fish and Goats may seem to come from two entirely different worlds and have nothing in common, but their similarities might actually surprise you. Capricorns must have a purpose in their lives— something that allows them to set a goal and achieve it. 


They work hard and expect little for free. Pisceans have no problem with work, but do have a difficult time setting purposeful objectives. This is mostly due to the fact that their intentions change depending on who they’re around or what emotions are enveloping them. Pisceans appear to need some looking after, although they do astonishingly well on their own. 

They can’t help but have a bleeding heart for the downtrodden and unlovable and are touched by things that would leave most Capricorns— and most everyone else— unmoved. It’s the nature of Mutable Water to take the shape of whatever contains it. 

Fish are mergers, and they mold with the people who are in close proximity to them (including a person sitting next to them on the subway). Although it’s not typical of Capricorns’ style, some find the heart-centered openness of Pisceans charming and in need of true support— and they’ll offer it in ways that only Saturn-ruled people can. But a word of caution has to be issued here because Capricorns get used to having control, and their nature is to take a mile for every inch they’re given.

The Passion Zone 

Capricorns have lots of hidden passion, but it may take a while for them to figure out if they want to take this relationship to its next, more intimate step. Pisceans are a little quirky sexually. They’re not necessarily kinky, but that’s definitely not ruled out; it all depends on who they’re with. They have a sense of safety when in the hands of the kings and queens of the Earth element, a kind of inner peace that allows them to relax on a deep level. 

Caps love the softness of Mutable Fish and find their vulnerability irresistible as long as it’s genuine and not manipulative. The sexual world between these two is indeed different and might require a passport. Just remember that Pisceans are creative and Capricorns are fearless, and that makes a super combination behind closed doors.

What Pisces Needs to Know about Capricorn 
Capricorns can be ruthless. The inevitable turn in the relationship will come when they’re fed up with you playing the victimized, fragile Fish, Pisces. This is, of course, only if you’ve indulged yourself in the infamous Piscean martyr drama zone. 

Goats hate victims; after all, they had to pull themselves up by the bootstraps to survive early in life— if they can do it, anybody can. Also, if they start to enjoy you too much, they may begin to close down for a bit. Capricorns don’t like feeling vulnerable. There’s nothing you can do here except to remain steady and strong … they’ll return.

What Capricorn Needs to Know about Pisces 
Pisceans can be much tougher than they appear. They may actually find themselves in the middle of deep emotional distress, which they picked up from someone at work— or even from you, Cap— without realizing it. 

One of the best ways for them to reclaim their own energy is through anger. Getting upset is an antidote that’s common for Fish because it snaps them out of their Neptunian dreamworld and into a more sober place. Speaking of sobriety, or lack thereof, it wouldn’t be unusual for Pisceans to be comfortable with the overuse of drugs or alcohol, but those aren’t the only ways for them to “medicate.” Try to see where your Pisces is experiencing addiction— it could be television, music, or almost anything. You might be able to correlate stress levels with an increase in vices. 

Capricorns can build anything, including a psychological boat that will gladly carry their Pisces through turbulent waters. With understanding, Caps gladly take Pisceans under their wings and offer the protection and security necessary for Fish to prosper. 

Pisceans know how to dissolve those harsh Capricorn walls with some spiritual discussion or even a home-cooked meal (although Pisceans’ forte isn’t usually in the kitchen). There’s chemistry here, especially if Fish remember that Capricorns started old and are learning how to be young, and Goats keep in mind that Pisceans are old souls who also have a true innocence inherent to their nature. 

In essence, they each have what the other is looking for just by being who they are. When it’s working, this relationship is creative, inventive, and magical. There’s a real capacity to build a unique and long-lasting


• They can survive anywhere. 

• They’re responsible at a very early age, and this continues throughout life. 

• They respect systems and the order of things. 

• They’re amazing providers. 

• They can organize individuals into a group. 

• They know where they’re going and what it takes to get there. 

• They learn from history. 

• They don’t need anyone except themselves, but can include others in their lives.

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