What do the Zodiac Sign say about your cleaning habits?

You figure out life according to your zodiac sign, but what do the STAR say about your cleaning habits?

1. #Aries

You’re likely to be an effective cleaner only because you’ll get so annoyed and use all that pent-up energy dusting and sweeping and decimating every stain in one day of productive, cleaning fury.

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2. Taurus

Reliable and practical, you know the value of keeping your house clean and making time to schedule it in.
You’ll be organised and reasonable about cleaning, with a reliable method and approach to getting everything done on time and on point.

3. Gemini

Geminis get flack for being a little flip-floppy and indecisive, but you’re pretty consistent and quick with keeping your home tidy. You enjoy keeping things clean and clutter-free and view it as having a little bit of me-time with the stuff you like and space you own.
However, your indecisiveness can get in the way of organised cleaning, and you might get overwhelmed by the things you need to dust or laundry you need to clear before getting into the groove.

4. Cancer

You’re the one keeping cleanliness in order, but maybe not so much of tidiness – the sentimentality in you means you’re likely to hoard things.
So cleaning can become an overwhelming and emotional trap when you realise you have too many stuff to dust and too much junk you need to throw out.

5. Leo

On your zeal to realise your ambition, cleanliness falls by the wayside.You do get cleaning done, usually, but only when you really need to.
Your pride wouldn’t let you live in a dump, and may even prefer to get someone to do it for you. However, if you put your mind to it, you can keep a tidy house.

6. Virgo

Ever the contradiction, Virgos have it two ways when it comes to keeping things clean. On one hand, you can be a perfectionist, on the other you need some mess to stay creative.
Menial work bores you, but you need to keep a keen eye to make sure you get all the cleaning done. A structure or method to appeal to your practical side would help you tackle that cleaning task to your satisfaction.

7. Libra

Cleaning just isn’t your thing. You do other things – maintaining relationships, solving problems, living life but just not cleaning.
Maybe it’s your strong drive to live life the way you want and buck social conventions, or a feature of wanting to avoid the daunting responsibility of vacuuming the floor.
In fact, you’re probably happier to let others do the cleaning, on their own time. Otherwise, you’ll have to strike a balance between your idealism and real-world needs to clean up and look smart!

8. Scorpio

Passionate and intense doesn’t mean you’re passionate about keeping things tidy. But when you get to it because of your sense of responsibility and need to appear in control, you’re pretty practical and efficient and get things neat.
You won’t be horribly messy – just the reasonable amount of dust and clutter. Organised spaces are just stifling, so you’ll have your own idea of “tidy”.

9. Sagittarius

Always on the go, you don’t really have a lot of time to think about keeping a clean home. That or you tend to leave dirty dishes in the sink and let laundry pile up because, honestly, who has the time?
Chances are you’ll only clean when you run out of clean clothes.
10. Capricorn

As the most responsible, hardworking and disciplined among your stellar brethren, you’re likely to be a great and organised cleaner.
You probably have a checklist of cleaning tools and a weekly cleaning plan on hand. You know what it takes to maintain a clean and tidy home, and are ready to work hard for it.

However, cleaning plans can go awry, so be kind and flexible when things aren’t as neat and tidy as you’d like.

11. Aquarius

Independent and down-to-earth, you’re prepared to do the necessary cleaning to keep things nice and neat, and the helpful, humanitarian side of you will often compel you to clean for other people just out of fun.
You have your own way of doing things on your own schedule.

12. Pisces

Whimsical and dreamy doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll neglect real-world cleaning. In fact, your bubbly, boundless energy only means you’re ready to make cleaning fun.
You don’t really have a cleaning plan because you go with the flow – and the flow usually leads your duster to where it should be.