PLUTO - VENUS Synastry in Square Aspect

This is a powerful Synastry combination of planets indicating a strong bond, whether in a friendship, love union or work association. 
  • 👉 Synastry, also known as the relationship astrology, is an interpretation of any established relationships, be it professional, marital, romantic relationships, or others between individuals..
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PLUTO ( You ) Square VENUS ( Your Partner ) experience a compelling attraction to each other, one that easily becomes passionate and intense. Depending on the nature of the relationship, PLUTO ( You ) Square VENUS ( Your Partner ) could easily end up in bed together. Positively they are transformed by this relationship, becoming more influential and powerful in their own lives, even if initially they have to overcome moments of feeling powerless.

 However, they also experience intense emotional battles as the passionate nature of the union becomes difficult to control. If  PLUTO ( You ) Square VENUS ( Your Partner ) are in a romantic liaison, these emotional struggles can overflow into the bedroom adversely affecting sexual relations. It is also possible that this combination of planets indicates a love affair that is intense and fraught with emotional problems. 

While both PLUTO ( You ) Square VENUS ( Your Partner ) experience the tension, VENUS ( Your Partner ) feels more overwhelmed. He may even feel bullied by the strong personality of PLUTO ( You )

VENUS ( Your Partner ) finds it difficult to live his life effectively while in this relationship. 

PLUTO ( You ) struggles to understand VENUS ( Your Partner ) and becomes impatient, wanting him to be more assertive. PLUTO ( You ) doesn't realise how domineering he appears to be. The challenge for both PLUTO ( You ) Square VENUS ( Your Partner ) is to direct their passion in a positive direction, possibly a shared artistic or creative pursuit.

Who's the Sensual Capricorn man?
He is strong and quiet. He is moody and passionate. He is the ultimate contradiction. When you meet him during the day, you are most likely to see his serious side. That is the part of him that must be practical, powerful and totally in control. When you meet him at night you will probably run into another side of his personality altogether. That is the tender sweet mischievous lover, who loves to have a good time - and a side of him you want to experience.

He is a self-sufficient, domineering man with the Midas touch. 

The Sensual Capricorn male likes living the good life. He has exquisite taste. He fills his life with excellent wines, high-quality beers, magnificent clothes and spacious homes. He is adaptable, tenacious and a genius with money. Maybe it is his patience and intuition that keep this man a step ahead of the game. He has a knack for knowing when and how to recognize opportunity.

This man is a powerhouse of emotional intensity.
Here is the rule of thumb as it relates to the Sensual Capricorn man: The more conservative he appears on the outside - the more adventurous he is on the inside. Making love to a Sensual Capricorn man can be a life-changing experience. As a lover, he likes to dive deep into sensual adventures.

Life with a Sensual Capricorn man is a day-to-day adventure. 
This is a man who stretches your soul and expands your mind. With his strong blend of both spiritual and sensual power, he dominates everything he touches. Obstacles melt like snowflakes. Women are attracted to him like a magnet. However, the good news is once he falls in love, he has a tendency to stay there.

His secret sexual fantasy: 
Soul-to-soul, intimate sex without rules or boundaries. This man wants freedom above everything else. He wants a partner that is not afraid to explore limits and push the envelope.

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