The signs that he's no longer interested cheating is Written in the star

The zodiac signs are pretty straightforward when it comes to how each of them act when they are in a relationship. Are there signs that a man lets off when he is cheating? The best way to know if a man is cheating on you is to look at how he acts when he's totally into the relationship, starting from the beginning.

Sometimes, the signs that he's no longer interested in the relationship and cheating based on his Zodiac Sign are very hard to tell.

Whether it's obvious to both you and him what's going on – or you need to decipher if these changes in him are really what you think they are – each man has signs he's cheating, based on astrology.

If you Asking if your Future is Written in the star, I tell you letterally, Here are my Explaination using Astronomy or outside of the scope of Astrology.


Aries is the kind of man who is all about that passion in his relationship with you – whether you're out in public or home alone, he's always ready for some kissing, touching, and intimacy. There's also a good chance that he has a much higher sex drive than you do, thanks to his fiery personality and love of romance.

If he's having an affair, those displays of affection will disappear almost completely. You'll notice that he's not as touchy-feely with you anymore, and he doesn't want to get intimate with you as often. It might not go away altogether, but you'll find yourself wondering when the last time you two got close. Aries wears his heart on his sleeve, so if he changes in any way around you, something is up.


Taurus always tries to be honest in his relationship with you. If he lies to you at all, he tends to own up to his mistake right away. So, naturally, he doesn't see the point in doing anything that would keep the absolute truth from coming out eventually. That said, no one is perfect, and he is capable of having affairs just like any other zodiac sign.

If Taurus is having an affair, he will most likely be wracked with guilt. Even if he doesn't own up to you right away, you'll be able to tell something is wrong when he doesn't want to talk about his day, complains that he might be getting sick, or even drinking with you (he might spill the beans if he's drunk). He'll also constantly defend himself about everything, even if you're just asking him a harmless question. This not being truthful will kill him.


Gemini has a very strong online presence – which means that he has a lot of social media accounts that he constantly keeps up with. He was always on his phone before you started dating and he's on his phone all the time now that you're together, so this is clearly not any surprise. In fact, all of his accounts are probably public so that he can get as many friends and followers as possible.

If he's having an affair, all of this goes away. Gemini is normally such an open person, but if he's trying to hide something from you, he's going to close himself off as much as possible. You'll notice that he guards his phone and his social media accounts like crazy, and will even start acting paranoid. "Are you going through my things? Where's my phone?!" This is VERY unlike him, so you won't have any trouble figuring out if there's something wrong.


Cancer loves being in a relationship so much that he's the kind of partner who can't keep his hands off of you. He's always thinking about you and making sure you know just how into you he is, even if you've been together forever. When you date Cancer, all his insecurity and doubt go away because he knows you have his back.

If Cancer is having an affair, however, he reverts back to his nervous, distracted self. He might decide that he doesn't really want to go out when you suggest it or go to bed early just so he doesn't have to spend time with you. He has absolutely no poker face, so just know that if he can barely meet your eye or constantly makes excuses as to why he doesn't want to just sit and chat, there's probably something going on.


When you first starting dating Leo, he went all out to impress you. He's a lot like a bird that way – he shows off his feathers and does his mating dance to get you interested in him. Once you two get settled into your relationship, he gets more comfortable and doesn't do as much to sweep you off your feet. That doesn't mean he doesn't try to flirt with you and make you blush at all, but it's just not as constant as it was when you were first dating.

If Leo is having an affair, he'll go back to showing off his feathers and doing his mating dance again... just not for you. It'll seem like he's making more of an effort, especially when he goes to work or when he's out with friends, with his appearance and clothes. It's like he's changing himself to make him seem more attractive to whoever he's having an affair with, which isn't something he can hide very well.


Virgo knows that relationships need total honesty and transparency to survive, so cheating and any kind of affair are out of the question for him. But just because he's faithful in his relationship with you doesn't mean he's not thinking of ways to get out of it. When he realizes that he likes someone else, he'll use other tactics to let you know that this isn't working out.

Rather than let you catch him doing something that goes against his morals, Virgo will figure out a way to make YOU break up with him (instead of the other way around) so that he doesn't have to take responsibility. He might try to convince you that things are just boring and tense all the time, or even change his mood to make you want to leave him, just so he can have his affair without all the guilt. Virgo can be very manipulative.


Libra is a tricky guy to figure out sometimes. Sure, he wears his heart on his sleeve, but he wears all of his emotions on his face, for everyone, all the time. Just because he might seem like he's getting close to someone new doesn't necessarily mean that he's cheating on you. He's the kind of guy who loves to meet new people and meeting new people often means having to turn on the charm.

If Libra is having an affair, he won't include you in his plans anymore. Whenever he goes out with his friends or there's a work thing that his coworkers are inviting him to after a long week, he always invites you because you're his boo. If he's having an affair, he's obviously not going to want you around, even if you won't always say yes to his invitation anyway. He'll want ample alone tie with his "new friend" which means he'll take every precaution to keep you away from his social life.


Scorpio hates being called out on his bullsh*t, even when he has a hard time NOT being secretive and mysterious. Even when he's in a relationship, Scorpio still has his secrets that he tends to keep from you. Nothing is ever so bad that you're going to have a problem with each other, but enough that you'll always kind of feel like you don't know him completely.

Scorpio needs a lot of time to open up and trust you, but he doesn't always feel like you deserve the same from him. If Scorpio is having an affair, he'll actually turn around and accuse you of cheating on him. This is a tactic he thinks works because he feels like if someone is telling "lies" about him, then he can say whatever he wants to get the spotlight off of him. He might have an intense personality, but if you know Scorpio, you know something is really up with him.


Sagittarius is notorious for keeping things as casual as possible until he knows that the relationship is worth keeping around. He's not always the commitment type, but when he cares for you, he'll try his best to be a good partner. That said, his love for casual, non-committed relationships can come out when he's feeling bored or not as stimulated as when you were first dating. When Sagittarius is having an affair, he doesn't want to hide anything from you.

It makes him feel bad to string you along, but it's still hard for him to be totally honest with you. He might start asking you how you feel about the relationship or asking you questions like if you ever think about what it would be like to be single again, or something along those lines. He has a really passive way of letting you know this isn't working out anymore, so look for any weird changes in how he interacts with you.


Being in a relationship is a big deal for Capricorn, but he still has his limits. When he's unhappy with you or the relationship in general, he's not the kind of person to stick around and try to work it out. Capricorn knows very early in a relationship if it's going to last, so if he's cheating on you, it's because he knows this isn't going to work out and he just doesn't have the courage to break it off yet. If Capricorn is having an affair, he's going to do it in the most mature way possible – well, mature for someone who's cheating on you.

He'll make more excuses about work and family to be away from you, for one. Usually, he is always very open about having to work late and wanting to spend time with his family, but if he's hiding something, he's going to make it sound like he's just crazy busy and doesn't have as much time for you. This makes him feel better if he feels like his excuses sound legit, even if he is still having an affair.


Just because you and Aquarius are in a relationship together doesn't mean he doesn't see you as a best friend, too. Aquarius treats his relationship as an extension of his friendships and family, which means that he puts just as much effort into maintaining your relationship as he does every relationship in his life. He's one of the more honest signs because he knows that if someone were lying to or hiding something from him, he would want to know as soon as possible.

If Aquarius is having an affair, this dishonesty he hates so much will come out. He'll find it harder to be honest about anything and he won't be able to look you in the eye as much while he's lying to you. It might not seem too obvious at first, but you'll realize something is off eventually. And if you don't, his affair won't last for long – he's not the kind of person to drag something disloyal or wrong on when he knows it's hurting someone else, too.


Pisces loves being in a relationship because he's all about love and romance. He especially likes the fact that being with you makes him a stronger, better person (in his eyes). He knows that he can sometimes get a little too overwhelmed by everything else going on in his life, but you feel like his safe space. Expect him to become more of a homebody now that he's with you – he has everything he needs right here, after all!

If Pisces is cheating on you, however, he'll want to spend as little time away from home as possible, even if that means totally compromising himself as the person you know him as. He might want to do things he doesn't normally do, like go out on weeknights or stay up late on his phone or computer. He'll also try to make himself look like the victim when you find out that he's cheating and can be very good at guilting you into taking the blame for something that isn't your fault, so beware.

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