Saturn is the sole ruler of the sign of Capricorn, and in astrological terms, it represents, among others, the Principle of Restriction and Containment. 

Capricorn is thus in sharp contrast to its preceding sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, which signals expansion and growth. In mythology, Saturn (Greek: Cronus) is the father of Jupiter (Zeus) and is overthrown by him. 

The elder Titan deity's reign, the mythical Golden Age, ends when the Olympian Zeus casts his padre down. These two gods perfectly represent the difference between the Sagitarius and the Cap man—the former, the scion archetype, the arriviste Zeus, is on his way up, and the latter, the fallen archetype, the superannuated, ousted incumbent "Grandpa" Cronus is on his way out. 
Capricorn man, whose sign is fittingly associated with the retiring age group 63–70, personifies this lame-duck energy, for better and for worse, throughout his life. On the positive side he is Saturnian, living the good life, having done his time in the rat race, endowed with a sense of peaceful happiness and prosperity. On the other hand, he is saturnine: wistful, melancholy, or often gloomy in the extreme, overly cautious if not plain old sluggish. 

It must be noted that Cap's animal totem is not pure goat but a Sea-goat, pointing to the contradiction of a capriciously determined spirit that is nonetheless dragged down by fishy feelings or emotional floundering. 

The eternal retiree, Capricorn man is forever open to spontaneous plans or sudden whims. His focus is less on ambitions than any other male sign in the zodiac, whether in terms of his career or even in his personal life.

Ranking of the Most Careless Zodiac Signs

Being one of the careless zodiac signs doesn't necessarily make you a bad person, it just means that you probably can't be trusted, because your judgement is poor and somehow you've proven that to people who know you. 

What makes a person careless, especially in a world of constant reminders, simply depends on the person, as well as astrology, and some people tend to be more careless than others. 

Here are the list ... --->>>


Sappy, sensitive Pisces can be so full of themselves and their own self pity that they'll say or do anything to get attention. This brings out the most careless behavior yet.


Aries is the sign who will take you out to the finest dinner of your life, but forget to bring their credit card to pay for it, simply because they were obsessed with getting the right table, on the right night. They get the goal but they miss all the posts on the way.


Much like Leo, Scorpio is clumsy as well, except their clumsiness comes in the form of verbal diarrhea. They are incredibly careless with their words and often times end up cutting people to the quick with sarcastic zings or judgmental offerings.


Their carelessness is always enabled by the fact that they also do not care. It's a win-win situation for careless Taurus.


It takes Sagittarius a long time to realize that they are doing careless things and acting in a careless way. Prone to making superlative statements.

6. LEO

Leo, who loves the spotlight, will also be the first one to trip on stage, making their grand entrance even grander. Leo is a very clumsy sign; they fall and trip and stumble over everything; they never bother to look where they walk.


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