CAPRICORN MAN: The Sign of Sexual Decadence

Capricorn man is the zodiac's consummate sophisticate. 

An anachronism of the first order, he is a living, breathing anomaly who, while existing in a thoroughly modern world, nonetheless eschews all things new or culturally mainstream. 

Like some deposed royal, he is at once grand and stately in his demeanor as well as perpetually jaded, wistful, and dejected in his outlook. Nothing much impresses or excites the Cap—his personal protocol is to remain unruffled and aloof in every circumstance—embodying an ultimate sense of relaxation that remains his eternal raison d'ĂȘtre. 

An ironic amalgam of highbrow and lowbrow sensibilities, Capricorn is both a self-taught epicurean and a bit of a prankish wag, an unadulterated sybarite who puts the pursuit of pleasure and laughs first in life, while still being a dyed-in-the-wool mensch who isn't afraid of hard work. 

For the Capricorn man, life truly is a banquet, and he's the first in line at the buffet table, never feeling a need to struggle or strive, which, to his mind, only leads to strife. When it comes to love, he's drawn to a woman with old-guard values, if not solid old-money investments, one with whom he can share a traditional lifestyle, he as the front man, and she happily supporting and providing him with a stable, functional home life. 

As archaic as it sounds— Capricorn is somewhat of a relic when it comes to relationships—his perfect mate is a lady-wife type who'll share his conventional family views while not questioning his autonomy. In gay bonds, the Goat is drawn to guileless, pastoral characters, wholesome farmboys and innocent cowpokes, whom he relishes introducing to his dandy, disenchanted ways.

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