The Love secrets of the EARTH Signs ( Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo )

♑ CAPRICORN born in December 22 thru 31 is a climber and wants a lover to be equally ambitious. 

♑ CAPRICORN born in anuary 1 thru 10 is cultured and wants a companion who is gracious. 


♑ CAPRICORN borni anuary 11 thru 19 is brainy and looks for intelligence in a lover. 

♉ TAURUS born April 20 thru 29 is sensuous and wants a lover to be extremely affection-ate. 

♉ TAURUS born April 30 thru May 9 is mental and wants romance along with good conver-sation. 

♉ TAURUS born May 10 thru 20 is a rock of stability and looks for character in a lover. 

♍ VIRGO born August 23 thru September 1 is intellectual and wants a lover who is sharp. 


♍ VIRGO born September 2 thru 11 is serious and looks fora dignified and reserved lover. 

♍ VIRGO born September 12 thru 22 is social and needs a sweetheart to be witty and charming. 

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