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Is your friendship written in the stars

Oúr # zodiac signs don’t always tell the full story, nor do they limit who you can be friends with. They are just suggestions based on personality types. It is nice to have a best friend to talk about your deepest and darkest thoughts and share your happiest moments and your funniest stories. Best friends are never there to judge or criticize. They are there to uplift and encourage each other. Here are some that would be immediate friends from the get-go:

What is written in the STAR about how you handle stress

"By gaining some insight on your #zodiac sign’s stress triggers, it might genuinely help you understand how to relieve this stress in a healthy way." As a Libra, which is the most indecisive sign in the zodiac, being forced to make a lot of decisions makes me super stressed. For my Virgo friends, it's often lack of order that causes them to spiral. Do you know what stresses you out the most? Here's what the stars say about how you handle stress based on your sign.

How you keep a Secret According to your Zodiac Sign

Sometimes it's best if you keep your secrets to yourself. There are few # Zodiac signs who are in the middle. For them, keeping a secret depends on the circumstances. If they understand that blabbing will be damaging to the person, they may be more discreet. But if they think the secret is no big deal, they won’t hesitate to tell everyone they come into contact with. ARIES 

How Your Zodiac Sign Make new Friends ?

Making new friends as an adult can be difficult, to say the least.  That’s where # astrology comes in! By focusing on the things that make your sign an amazing friend, you can forge connections that will last a lifetime, and shed the ones that were only ever going to be surface level at best. New, long-lasting friendships? Who doesn’t want that?  Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19) Making new friends is never a problem for fearless Aries,...

Why you find married men attractive According to Zodiac

Each member of the # zodiac has different qualities they look for in a man. Married men carry the essence of stability and protection, and many women are drawn to those traits. Have you ever heard of the phrase, "Why are all the good guys taken?" Well, that question is asked by a lot of zodiac signs as they scower their way through life, looking for their future husband. Here is why each zodiac sign finds married men more attractive, per astrology.

Eplaination on why having Neptune in the 7 house makes it harder in a relationship

#Neptune brings idealization and self-sacrificial tendencies to the house it sits in.

8 facts about the Gemini zodiac sign that helps to clear up these misunderstandings

There are lots of negative things said about each zodiac sign, but one that gets the most heat of all horoscope signs in astrology would be # Gemini . There are memes that talk about  Geminis  as being incapable of having a real relationship because they are an air sign and flighty. There are jokes about  Geminis  being the biggest heart breakers due to commitment phobia issues. And, some even say that the  Gemini  zodiac sign has two personalities in one which makes it impossible to really get to know them. I’m about to shatter your world with real life astrology. Get ready. Are you listening? Here are 8 facts about the Gemini zodiac sign that helps to clear up these misunderstandings once and for all using astrology, and the testimony of a person with a true Gemini horoscope sign.

The Cancer moon in 7th house culture

💍if there was ever a person destined for marriage this is it 💍wife or husband is their obsession, talks about them constantly, practically centers their whole identity around them Follow ZODIAC SEASON on twitter

The one Things that Annoy You Most Base on Your Zodiac Sign

 According to your sign, your pet peeves and the types of things that irritate you can be found in the stars.  Check out your sign and see if it matches up with the things that bother you: Aries – People who take forever to get anything done

Proven ways to find your motivation again base on #Zodiac Sign

Did you know that your # AstrologicalSign can give you some clues as to what may be de-motivating? While avoiding your zodiac sign’s de-motivating situations may not always be possible, you can learn astrology-proven ways to find your motivation again. ARIES (March 21-April 19) If an activity or project doesn’t keep you entertained, then you’re... ----->>> 2020-2021          MONTHLY HOROSCOPE      #trend  SHOP @AMAZON     Halloween sweets, treats,  and more have arrived on Amazon! --->> Save up to 20% on SoundPEATS  Bluetooth Earbuds        Save 40% on your first Wag order    

How your Zodiac sign heals and recover from broken hearted

Each # zodiac sign has different ranges of sensitivity when it comes to love that didn't work out. Where one horoscope personality might shake it off and move on without thinking too much about it, others feel their pain with intense emotions that take time to process.  read further to see how your horoscope sign heals. ARIES When your heart breaks it's the worst feeling in the world. You'll mend

What your ZODIAC sign want and dont want to hear

There are things we wish we could all tell the zodiac signs, but it's not always that easy. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to be honest with someone you love, but you weren't sure if what you wanted to say was going to be too harsh? And I don't mean telling your best friend that her foundation it's a little too light, even though that is important. I mean wanting to tell someone that something they always do — a part of their personality — is a little too much sometimes. ☆ARIES 

The 2 most misunderstood of among all Zodiac signs

Being misunderstood doesn't stop when you become an adult. And for certain people, the gap between intention and impact is especially large. Communicating what you mean can be difficult. The most misunderstood zodiac signs know this all too well. Being misunderstood can be something that happens in ga moment, like when you slip up on some words. This kind of feeling, however, can feel more chronic for people with certain personality types. "Whatever the reason, astrology can help us understand the motive behind their actions." . Here are the  most misunderstood zodiac signs, according to experts ---->> 2020-2021          MONTHLY HOROSCOPE      #starsign                                                                           

How does knowing each zodiac sign's sexual strengths and weaknesses helpful?

 Whether or not you're a fan of # astrology , the truth is it’s always good to know exactly what you’re good at and where you need improvement. It’s also helpful to know about a new partner’s sexual strengths and weaknesses so you know what to do more or less of. Here A guide based on their zodiac sign could give you an advantage or at least a little bit more confidence. ARIES Strengths:  Aries have a lot of energy and put it to good use when they're having sex. They love variety, are always open to trying something new, and they have a reputation for being the best kissers of the zodiac. They tend to be very dominant and enjoy things such as hair pulling, wrestling, and some bondage. Weaknesses: Since Aries.... ---->>>

What you need to recognize in a relationship base on Zodiac

One way to help understand your own needs is through #astrology . Your sign’s element can help pare down your needs, but it’s not as specific as your zodiac sign itself. Your zodiac sign can show you what you need — both in your partner and within yourself — for a happy, healthy relationship. It's not just about zodiac compatibility: it's important to recognize what is specifically necessary for you, regardless of who you are with. Aries (March 21 - April 19) First and foremost, the first sign of the zodiac needs honesty in any relationship. This is a given for any healthy relationship, but this sign needs space to speak their mind. They need someone else who understands the truth, but can put the truth in perspective and calm a raging, all-consuming fire this fire sign may get started. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Steadfast and dependable, Taurus is considered the anchor of the zodiac. Every anchor thus needs a ship: they need someone who will help them out of their co

Aries Strategies to Improve Communication Skills

Aries think and act quickly and are very self-focused, creating a tendency to shut down open paths of communication because they don’t take the time to think of or listen to others. The following strategies will help you improve your communication skills. 1.Consciously give your undivided attention to the people you communicate with. Make an effort to stay present and keep your mind from wandering to other things. This will greatly improve how your words are received. 2.Pause after you speak to give others the opportunity to respond, and take time to listen to them and really hear what they are saying. 3.Be mindful of how you are communicating. Your body language and your tone can make a big difference in how people perceive you, and Aries can unwittingly appear quite intimidating. Soften your posture and tone if you wish your words to be well received. Slowing down the rate at which you speak is also helpful. THE SOUL IN ARIES The personality and behavior of Arie

The cancer Zodiac stellium culture

🌊a sea of emotions taking control of whatever planets and houses the stellium is in 🌊logic, rationality? What’s that ??? never heard of it 🌊hard core lovers, there isn’t a single person in their lives that they don’t care about READ   2020   MONTHLY    Astrological review for all Zodiac Sign --->>> 🌊prone to victimizing themselves 🌊would make great singer/songwriters or poets if mercury or 3rd house is involved 🌊loyal to a fault 🌊has so much empathy almost to their detriment, they feel and are affected by other people’s emotions more than anyone else 🌊need a cozy comfortable home to retreat to 🌊making the best parents and partners, very nurturing 🌊need emotional outlets, such as exercise or art, or else they will swallow them whole 🌊having the most trouble breaking out of their shell, comfort is a blessing and a curse to them because they need it, but it also holds them back <-->   For personalized Transit Horoscope in Calendar Format Ba

Understanding your Aquarius friends and Lover

In my opinion,  AQUARIUS is the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac. From the people I’ve spoken to and the things I’ve read, people tend to misread aquarius and don’t take the time to really figure them out (they’re tricky and extremely private people, you do have to make an effort to understand them, or else you’re just going to see their outer shell) Here’s some things to keep in mind: 1). Space is important to them. These are not the kind of people who can spend all their time with others. At a certain point, they are going to need a break to collect their thoughts on their own. So don’t be surprised if they come across distant, especially when you first meet them. It really has nothing to do with the company they’re with, it’s more about needing time alone because they don’t want to lose theirselves in the company of others . Aquarius is one of the most independent signs, so needing constant human connection is simply not one of their traits. They are comfortable with distance