♊ GEMINI and ♐ SAGITTARIUS Pairing when it come to Love At First Sight

When you take astrology into account, instant attraction between two signs can occur for several reasons.

 And it often has a lot to do with the way their personalities mesh. For example, some fixed zodiac signs, like Taurus or Aquarius, tend to know what they want in a partner, and are able to spot those traits right away. Other cardinal signs, like Aries, can be very reactive, and may fall for someone simply because they seem interesting.
Read on below for the GEMINI  & SAGITTARIUS couples that may fall in love at first sight, as well as what they can do to take the relationship even further, and build on their initial connection.

"Gemini and Sagittarius are both mutable signs of air and fire respectively,"Just like fire needs air to burn, these two will feed into each other and keep circulating among their quick minds and intense passions."

For instance, Sagittarius, who lives for adventure, might keep Gemini entertained by recounting stories of their travels. And Gemini can enchant them right back with their amazing conversation skills.

"These two lighthearted signs are likely to lock eyes from across the room and stay in love so long as their relationship is fresh and exciting," Ridout says, which just might mean going on a few adventures of their own.

The Zodiac Signs having a crush

Aries: teases you until you fight back
Taurus: stares at you secretely, they may even ignore you
Gemini: talks a lot, funny and witty chats
Cancer: they’re sweet, blushes and smiles a lot
Leo: flirts shamelessly, you’ll notice
Virgo: if they lose their cool around you they like you.
Libra: gives you sweet starings and laughs pleasantly at your horrible jokes.
Scorpio: dirty looks and probably stalks you on every social media
Sagittarius: full of energy around you,big smiles, they will probably do some crazy stuff.
Capricorn: they become possessive and jealous, if they share secrets with you they probably like you.
Aquarius: highly friendly and helpful around you. Get ready for some crazy selfies.
Pisces: they will act so weird around you that you will notice. Extremely sweet.


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