#SCORPIO: Four ways to improve your relationship

You're a passionate lover, Scorpio, with magnetic appeal. But keeping love aglow may need special attention. Here are four ways to improve relationship: 

1. GOOD COMMUNICATION is always vital. You need to be 
less sparing with words, less frugal with compliments. Real rapport will come from using language to share your feelings, not to manipulate another. 















you prefer private plans. A lakeside retreat, a tender or sentimental ap-proach, dreamy music or dancing helps create a loving mood. Your air of mystery is intriguing, but go easy on the possessive-ness. 

3. COOPERATION BETWEEN PARTNERS requires warm affection and gentle persuasion rather than a clash of strong wills. Be ready to give a little, and avoid issuingultimatums or taking unyielding stands. 

4. Your GOALS IN LIFE are to be competent and efficient The mate who's right for your will find this reassuring so long as such goals leave you time for letting down now and then, rather than all hard time.