MERCURY - SUN Synastry in SQUARE Aspect

The importance of communication in relationships cannot be emphasised enough. 

Without understanding of another person's point of view and the ability to communicate one's own thoughts and feelings a relationship can easily breakdown. 

  • 👉 Synastry, also known as the relationship astrology, is an interpretation of any established relationships, be it professional, marital, romantic relationships, or others between individuals..
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This is a difficult combination for communications in a relationship. MERCURY ( You ) Square SUN ( Your Partner ) Square or opposition Aspect in Synastry, have difficulty understanding each other's point of view. They cannot communicate their thoughts and feelings easily. 

Consequently MERCURY ( You ) Square SUN ( Your Partner )  have trouble being together and a certain tension exists in the relationship. SUN ( Your Partner ) needs to be wary of having too much pride, of trying to override MERCURY ( You ) views through sheer force of personality. SUN ( Your Partner ) takes a superior attitude to MERCURY ( You ), which proves detrimental in the long run. 

MERCURY ( You ) feels misunderstood, knowing that his ideas are so different to SUN ( Your Partner ). There is a danger that MERCURY ( You ) starts keeping his thoughts to himself thereby blocking any chance of communications improving. As long as both MERCURY ( You ) Square SUN ( Your Partner ) continue to try to overcome these obstacles then their union has a chance for success. They may find it of benefit to take time out and write down their thoughts and feelings during times of stress rather than speaking on the spur of the moment.

3 main types of the signs

aries 1: energetic, restless, easily excitable
aries 2: quiet, hardworking and really intelligent, honest and reliable
aries 3: emotional, very caring, a little socially awkward, optimistic

taurus 1: a little lazy, great taste in everything, loves the good things in life and wants to enjoy themselves
taurus 2: social media god/goddess, great (maybe goofy) sense of humour, kindest person ever
taurus 3: super hard working, family and friend oriented, tough exterior but soft on the inside

gemini 1: very intelligent, never ending curiosity, charming and friendly
gemini 2: introverted, maybe a little socially awkward, great sense of humour
gemini 3: a little unreliable/unpredictable, very sociable, kind and clever

cancer 1: emotional, very affectionate, caring, possibly clingy
cancer 2: independent, reliable, good sense of humour, optimistic
cancer 3: emotional/moody, very sociable, selfish tendencies

leo 1: a little narcissistic, charming, incredibly loyal
leo 2: quiet and introverted, shy, kindest and very down to earth
leo 3: incredibly creative, great sense of humour, possibly selfish, sociable

virgo 1: quiet and very intelligent, organised and analytical
virgo 2: social and friendly, joker, very creative
virgo 3: more introvert, very creative, kind and honest

libra 1: very social, a little fickle, possibly selfish
libra 2: introvert but outgoing with friends, very intelligent, great sense of humour
libra 3: very serious, introvert, quiet but kind and selfless

scorpio 1: very intense, short temper, loves their friends and family more thananything scorpio 2: quiet and introverted, very intelligent, absolutely selfless
scorpio 3: very social, great sense of humour, easily excitable and hyperactive

sagittarius 1: loud, good sense of humour, very active
sagittarius 2: philosophical, introverted, very intelligent
sagittarius 3: friendly, intelligent, kind and humorous

capricorn 1: hard-working, practical, reliable
capricorn 2: good sense of humour, doesn't like schedules, independent and rebellious
capricorn 3: sociable, friendly, loyal and hard-working

aquarius 1: outgoing, good sense of humour, kind
aquarius 2: very intelligent, introverted, unemotional
aquarius 3: really into the arts, friendly, selfless

pisces 1: very creative, caring and compassionate
pisces 2: good (maybe silly) sense of humour, very talkative, friendly
pisces 3: very intelligent, introverted, quiet and selfless


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