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MOON - SUN Synastry in Conjunction Aspect

This is an ideal Synastry combination for a close, personal relationship whether it be a close friendship or love relationship.
  • 👉 Synastry, also known as the relationship astrology, is an interpretation of any established relationships, be it professional, marital, romantic relationships, or others between individuals..

MOON ( you ) Conjunction SUN ( your Partner ) Synastry, enjoy each other's company and feel that the other person is giving something special to the relationship. They have a lot in common and the ability to share enjoyable times together. 

SUN ( your Partner ) is likely to be the more dominant person in the relationship believing his identity and individuality are likely to be enhanced by the association. Perhaps SUN ( your Partner ) receives emotional support from MOON ( you ) which contributes to a greater sense of being alive and an ability to achieve his personal goals. 

SUN ( your Partner ) may appreciate MOON ( you ) emotional insights. On the other hand MOON ( you ) feels comforted by the relationship, perhaps playing a supportive role and offering emotional insights and comfort. 

Alternatively MOON ( you ) may simply feel secure within the relationship, experiencing a sense of well-being. This relationship provides MOON ( you ) with a supportive base from which to explore life. Both MOON ( you ) Conjunction SUN ( your Partner ) understand each other and enjoy an easy rapport which augurs well for their association.

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