#SCORPIO: Love talk that will win hearts

You Scorpios sometimes make a secret of your feelings, expecting others to read your mind or glances. But you can improve your love life i f you'll be more up-front with your 

Whether on a first date or a lifetime journey, here's what the Signs most compatible with your own would like to hear.   ----->>

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CANCER: Emphasize how sensitive and caring they are, how much you prize their nurturing ways. Say "I feel so at home with you, as if we've known one another forever." 

VIRGO: Admire how well they get things done and their clever, helpful ways. Since you'll also awaken their deeper side, let them know you sense the earthy passions others often fail to see in them. 

CAPRICORN: You two both play for high stakes, eager to get to the top. Let the Goat know the potential you see - for both a powerful love and shared success through their patient, persistent ways. 

PISCES: Allow your poetic tendencies to soar in lauding the charms of the Fish. Talk about soul mates, fated love and the mysterious depths you see in their eyes.