TAURUS MAN - The Sign of Sexual Desire

Taurus Man 

the Idol

Dude the obscure: Taurus male is purposefully vague. Achieving his life's ambitions, he operates best by keeping his intentions guarded and others guessing. 
He is not a man of action but of reaction, a brilliant strategist who, in both professional and personal dealings, forces people's hands before playing his closely held cards accordingly. 
Seemingly guileless, he disarms those around him by having no apparent agenda to assert—a strong
defense is his best offense. Letting experiences unfold rather than forcing things to happen, Taurus remains veritably stress-free in even his loftiest maneuverings, exhibiting what comes to be known as his signature grace and elegance. 
Hanging back in situations, he is master of all he surveys, and like a wide-eyed kid in a candy store, he maintains an appetite for pleasure and no real barometer for abstinence. Romantically, as in business, Taurus embodies a come-hither attitude that wins him the title of the zodiac's preeminent male love-object. 
He wants to be wanted, and in the worst way; his seeming insouciance inspiring would-be mates to make all the requisite moves. He is thus attracted to dominant women who'll treat him like a trophy while indulging his notorious little-boy habits, for better or worse. With such a powerhouse female, he's willing and able to take a backseat, often going along for a lifelong ride. In a man-to-man bond, Taurus takes a more direct tack, clearly signaling affection, sexual interest, and relationship needs. Still, he will retain enough emotional and  psychological distance as to make a lover work at continually keeping him happy.

TAURUS WOMAN: The Sign of Sexual Response

  • Taurus woman is the zodiac's barefoot contessa, a sort of tribal princess who embodies the combined spirit of regal immunity and pastoral naïveté. ...Readmore...



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