#PISCES: Are you the marrying kind?

Your Pisces choices and chances regarding marriage are revealed by your opposite sign of Virgo: 

A MUST FOR YOU IN MARRIAGE: An idealistic relationship with strong bonds of mutual helpfulness. 


2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



Someone whose practicality and intelligence provides sta-bility for emotional you. 

SECRET TURN-ONS: An amor who thinks you're a soul mate and whose affections re-flect that ideal. 

GREATEST CHALLENGE IN MARRIAGE: Your emotional sensitivity or being taken advantage of. 

HOW YOU CAN RESOLVE THIS: Bring emotional issues out into the open for clear, rational discussion. 

PROBLEMS IN COMMITTING TO MAR-RIAGE: Sometimes its a deep-seated fear of being hurt. 

REASONS YOU MAY MARRY: Romantic love, a home, children and someone to be one with emotionally. 

WHY YOU MAY PUT OFF MARRIAGE: A lack of likely prospects or preference for a secluded life. 

QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF: (1) Do I approach things 50-50? (2) Can I settle for less than I'd hoped for?