#PISCES: How to cope with a stressful relationship

When you are happy in a relationship, Pisces, you're capable of the deepest, most romantic love and devotion. But when frustrated by an incompatible pairing, you can grow self-pitying, hypercritical and bent on escape. 

To help alleviate such tensions, look at how your .... ---->>>

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dreamy attitude may be contributing to the problem. You can resolve differences if you use your deep sensitivity to understand your partner rather than harbor hurt feelings. Be more realistic about what people are really like, and learn to accept the facts rather than clinging to make-believe. 

But just because the world is less than perfect, don't go to the opposite extreme and continue to put up with a real loser. Learn to say "no" to sad stories and handle stress more effectively by taking time to be alone now and then surrounded by music, art or nature. You'll also lessen tensions, needless to say, if you choose a compatible Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio or Capricorn in the first place.