#PISCES: Secrets of getting ahead

When swimming upstream, you Fishes seem to possess sure instincts for getting ahead. With your idealism, intuition and creative flair, you appear to be unstop-pable. But at other times when chances for advancement arise, you remain stuck in shallow waters, unsure of yourself and your true direction. 

The real secret to achieving success for you Pisces lies in ..... ---->>>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



borrowing some of the qualities of the Sign Sagittarius, which rules the career area of your solar chart. Try to incorporate some of the Archer's self-confidence, enthusiasm and lofty goals into your agenda for added mo-tivation. And instead of feeling shy or sorry for yourself, reach out as Sag does and focus your attentions on the world and its people.

 As you do you'll be less remote and more reachable yourself. Your dreamy imagi-nation and sensitive awareness deserve great praise; they'll always be prime assets. When your combine them with Sagittaria n vision and directness, you'll have the secret of success within your grasp.