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JUPITER - PLUTO Synastry in Square or opposition Aspect

Obstacles are strewn along the path of this relationship because of the difficult combination of the planets Jupiter ( You ) and Pluto ( Your Partner ) Square or opposition Aspect in Synastry Chart or Relationship Astrology.
  • 👉 Synastry, also known as the relationship astrology, is an interpretation of any established relationships, be it professional, marital, romantic relationships, or others between individuals..
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On the one hand Jupiter ( You ) and Pluto ( Your Partner ) feel a compelling need to relate to each other. On the other hand they find their opposing values a formidable hurdle. The problem is that they fail to understand each other at a deep level and yet this is an important component in their relationship. 

Jupiter ( You ) believes that he attempts to take an honest approach to his partnership, but is undermined by Pluto ( Your Partner ) insistence on delving beneath the surface. 

Pluto ( Your Partner ) is frustrated in his efforts to get to the bottom of matters. He is particularly angry when he perceives that Jupiter ( You ) contradicts himself. Their challenge is to find personal meaning in their own lives, while respecting the other person's values and beliefs.

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The 3 Type of ♑ CAPRICORN

Obviously if you’re, say For Example, Cancer sun with a Leo venus & moon you might express similar traits to a Cancer sun with leo mercury, also aspects & house placement matter too about the sign’s expression so take this into account when reading this/

Capricorn sun

sagittarius mercury - the blunt one that always has some “painfully honest opinions” to share. may come off as rude and inconsiderate towards people’s feelings. i’ve noticed this mercury really enhances the mars influence in capricorn people (after all mars exalts in capricorn). probably a bit more scandalous and controversial than you’d expect from your regular capricorn. they give capricorn the reputation of people who take no shit from anyone and will cut you if you cross them.

capricorn mercury - the dry one. outspoken and believe that less is more. but might fail to apply this belief to their personal life as they also genuinely believe they know better than anyone and have to guide others immediately by expressing their superior thoughts. might often quote people they consider to be an authority and like to be seen as such too. they give capricorn the reputation of dogmatic and confident people that will follow through on any cost and that stand behind their words. 

aquarius mercury - the visionary. they manage to combine perfectly their powerful will to see things through and their fascinating ability to perceive and understand the world, this way becoming someone who can actually make changes (for better or for worse) and manifest their ideas. more futuristic and innovative than you would expect from a capricorn. they are the ones that give capricorn the reputation of acting cold and detached and being lil freaks behind closed doors (i lied, they’re all kinda freaky regardless of the mercury sign lol)


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