#PISCES: Where to find your perfect vacation spot

Have you ever wondered why, Pisces, when you visited a place that you just fell in love with it? Chances are that the city or place was "born" under a Sign that is compatible with yours. In other instances a locale may be beautiful, but you just don't like it...  --->>>

2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     



because it's not astrologically favorable for you. You're happiest in a locale where you can immerse yourself in the balmy atmosphere that surrounds lakes, rivers and hillside creeks.

 A true Pisces climate is cool and misty, so a trip in the British Isles and to the Pisces-ruled towns of Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Brighton, Bristol and Not-tingham would be fascinating.

 However, if you want a sunnier environment, you can opt for Pisces-ruled Portugal, Samoa, or the cities of Casablanca, Alexandria, Seville and Valencia and the Calabria region of Italy. Plan weekend retreats during the first three of May or in December, and distant travel from August thru November.