A #Scorpio's Intuition

Author Kurt Vonnegut regaled readers with his unusual novels—Cat's Cradle, Breakfast of Champions, Slaughterhouse-Five and others—that were a blend of satire, dark humor and science fiction. He was a Scorpio, born November 11, 1922, so it isn't surprising that when his intuition kicked in, he acted on it 

One morning in the days before the Internet and cell phones, he felt a sudden impulse to call his brother-in-law, whom he'd never phoned before and had no reason to call. "I suddenly left my study ... walked the length of my house to the phone in the kitchen, put in a long distance call to my brother-in-law," he told author Alan Vaughan in his book Patterns of Prophecy. 

As the phone rang at the other end, .... ---->>

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Vonnegut heard a breaking news report on the radio about a train that had plunged off an open drawbridge in New Jersey. Even though his brother-in-law never rode the train, Vonnegut immediately lmew he was one of the passengers on that doomed train. Within an hour, Vonnegut was headed to New Jersey, where his sister was hospitalized with terminal cancer and her four chil-dren were now fatherless. 

Before the sun set that day, Vonnegut had taken charge of his sister's household and her kids. She died the next day. "My wife and I have since adopted and raised their children." 

Scorpio's intuition may kick in, as Vonnegut's did, with an impulse to do something he has never done before. Rather than dismissing the impulse, Scorpio acts on it Once Scorpio has found her creative path, she often becomes the path, so that her life and her creative work are inseparable. Or take Michael Crichton, another Scorpio. In an interview years ago, Crichton talked about the way he works. First, he researches. Scorpios excel at research. Over the course of Crichton’s writing career, he delved into neurobiology, biophysics, primatology, UFOs, international economics, Nordic history, time travel and genetics. Once his research was completed, he started writing. He would get up early to write, take a lunch break and then return to his writing. As the book progressed, he would get up earlier and earlier until he wasn’t sleeping at all. This kept the momentum rolling, and he would finish the book in about a month. This kind of intense creativity is a hallmark of Scorpio, and is nearly as consistent in his life as his intuitive perceptions. The final chapter in the book goes into Scorpio’s creativity in greater depth.