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Your perfect valentine, #Pisces...

Is the person: With a gentle smile and soft, round eyes. This individual will be talking fondly of the past or lending someone a sym-pathetic ear. 

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2020-2021         MONTHLY HOROSCOPE     


A history or cooking class, antique store, moonlit cruise, seaside resort or an auction. 

Likes to hear: "You're so understanding. With you as a teammate, one could conquer the world." 

Enjoys dining at: Restaurants with cozy atmospheres. This Valentine adores a plen-tiful salad bar, hot soups, prime rib, baked potatoes, homemade pie. 

Will be won by Thoughtful gifts, attentive listening, concern for others, sensitivity to his or her feelings. 

Melts when you: Suggest a moonlit walk or boat trip, holds hands, serve hot chocolate by the fireside. 

Great Valentine gift: Heart-shaped antique locket, framed photo of the two of you, silver jewelry. 

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