PISCES MAN: The Sign of Sexual Sacrifice

Pisces is the very definition of a self-made man. 

More than any guy in the zodiac, he is blessed with an ability to exist according to his own design, devoid of doubt and distraction. He doesn't stress or strive to achieve success; rather he patiently allows his plans to gestate while visualizing himself to be, in the present, what he is determined to become in the future. 

He never waits to "arrive" at goals but rather behaves as one who has already attained them, his life being one long self-fulfilling prophecy. As a rule, he is drawn to artistic professions where his imagination can manifest. Infamously unbeholden to anybody but himself, he trails nary a trace of emotional or psychological baggage, often eschewing evidence of the past if it doesn't suit his typically mythic self-image. 

He sees no irony in adopting a personality, often a hoity-toity one, which arguably suits his spirit better than what he perceives to be the arbitrary self conditioned by birth or upbringing. Pisces boasts the dissolute soul of a poet, freely licensed to devise the landscape of his own experience. Despite any highbrow polish, which is in no small way aimed at providing entree into more rarefied enclaves of society, he nonetheless has a taste for raw, unmade women—artless, unblushing types who provide a sense of real grounding, thus enabling him to creatively soar all the more. With other men, he is homoerotic to the core, forever flirting with the fine line between friendship and full-out sexual involvement.


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