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PISCES WOMAN: The Sign of Sexual Asylum

Pisces Woman the dream 
Though she is the last lady in the zodiac, Pisces is astrology's undisputed prima donna. 

The proverbial Everywoman, she is the culmination, and an often chilling compilation, of all the other women who come before her on the wheel. 

A walking-talking paradox—all virtue and all vice wrapped up in one deceivingly demure package—she is at once victimized by and victorious over life. 

An empath of the first order, Pisces woman personalizes experience to such a degree that she is incapable of separating her emotions even from the most removed circumstance. She is drama personified, making a fuss over her every feeling and impression. Existence is a loaded affair for Pisces woman—overwhelming to her impressionable, high-strung nature. Then again, she will seem tough as nails, a true survivor who grows through even the most negative of experiences; and truth be told, Pisces has more than her fair share of hard knocks. 

Still, she is a cultivated creature, and regardless of the conditions of her upbringing, there will always be something decidedly high-hat to her countenance. She craves solitude, yet her escapist instincts ironically require others to do her bidding; thusly, she maintains a necessary connection to the world. Though, in her youth, she is attracted to sensitive, callow fellows who are even more fragile than she, 

Pisces woman will eventually settle down with an assiduous man who'll treat her like a princess, providing emotional sanctuary and proper pampering. With other women, she is at once acutely submissive and withholding of her affections, inspiring a partner to constantly please and appease her.


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