PISCES: What you need in a lover to be fulfilled

Before you fall in love with love. Pisces, 

Think carefully about what you need in a relationship to feel truly fulfilled. This ideal amor of yours should be sensitive, passionate, tender yet tough, strong enough to make you feel secure, but with the imagination and perception to understand your dreams. 

Seek out someone who loves candlelight, roses, violins and poetry. 

You'll also need a person who can tune into the soap opera of your soul and find it fascinating enough to look forward to every episode. You'll relate best to one who gives you all the space and time alone you require, but is there when needed. Steer clear of underdogs, black sheep, martyrs and manipulative types.

 If you feel an urge to help someone, give to charity instead; don't confuse love and pity. The one for you will encourage your artistic talents, love for music and acting, but won't applaud if your fantasizing turns destructive. If this person is a Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio or Capricorn, all the better of you. 




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