How #Pisces can make love last

For love to last, apply these solutions for overcoming the natural differences be-tween men and women. 

Pisces Women: Gentle, mysterious and feminine, you can make a man feel extremely masculine. You have delightful way of putting the needs of others before your own. But when you give too much and too often to the man you love,

you begin to build up inner resentment, which can cause you to blame him when he seems to give less than you. You'll keep love growing and resent-ment out of the romantic picture when you learn how to set limits on what you give and not feel guilty or selfish. 

Pisces Men: You are the most sympathetic of lovers, willing to listen patiently to your woman's concerns. But if she becomes too demanding, you tend to sidestep confronta-tions, avoid certain topics or silently with-hold your support in some way. Yet as you deprive your amor of love, she will give less in return. Its vital for you to learn to voice your feelings and resolve issues quickly. Then you'll keep your relationships alive, loving and growing.