PISCES, This is How to make your love life more fulfilling

An aura of mystery surrounds you, ♓ Pisces, and you prefer it that way. 

You seldom Pass and tell—or even hint—because you libe to keep your romantic life hidden from view. This penchant for secrecy can work against you, however, if you're al so a puzzle to your lover. 

Learn to share your thoughts and dreams if you want to develop real closeness with an amor. 
You certainly have the ability to understand others. A sixth sense helps you read people like a book You're also deeply compassionate toward their feelings, one of your most lovable traits. Unfortunately, you often attract martyrs because of this and suffer along with them. Though you're naturally sympathetic, you don't have to settle for complainers—choose someone who radiates joy and strength instead. 

No one could be more romantic, but as tuned-in as you are to others, you frequently let them manipulate or deceive you. Your love life  hardly can thrive if you fall into this trap. Be more alert to gain the love you so richly deserve. 


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