♓ PISCES keys to Success - The decanate

All Pisces are not alike! The decanate (10-day period) you were born in reveals the talents most lately to bring you success. Look below for your birth date, or i f bom on a dividing date, the traits before or after that fit you best.

⭐ February 19 - 28: You are the most typical Pisces, graced with sensitivity and compas-sion for others. The artistic and imaginative qualities denoted by the .... planet Neptune are doubly strong in your nature. Your excep-tional intuitive powers help you succeed in business and aid others, but you must avoid being taken advantage of. 

⭐ March 1- 10:Your sympathetic Pisces nature makes your ability to nurture others outstanding. A secondary Cancer emphasis gives you particular skill in dealing with home, domestic, family or real estate affairs. Your loyalty sometimes goes too far and peo-ple can become dependent on you, so you must learn to say "No." 

 ⭐March 11-20: Far more persevering and powerful than the typical Pisces, your personality is strengthened by the Scorpio qualities of determination and resource-fulness. Profound insights and great accom-plishments are yours when you use your ability for following through on what you begin. Your biggest challenge is to leam to control your emotional intensity.