♓ PISCES key to Compatibility with each Zodiac sign

Aries and Pisces both score high in creative imagination; share an artistic project With Taurus, mutual, deep feelings and a love of music can be a binding tie. 

You, Pisces and Gemini both are adaptable, variety-loving and like to go with the flow. Cancer and you can share the watery depths of emotion and need to hide out now and then. 

Dramatic Leo intrigues you with a sense of theater and role-playing as great as your own. Virgo's dedicated service to others reflects your own desire to help humanity. With Libra, you share artistic flair and a fondness for graciousness through subtle glances and ESP.

 Like you, visionary Sagittarius can peer into the future and see what's ahead. You and Capricorn share a need for serene surroundings away from it all; relax together. 

Your caring nature and compassion for others have a close counterpart in deeply humane Aquarius. Another Pisces, as aware of other realms as you are, can share your hopes, dreams and fantasies. 


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