The ♓ PISCES love test - love and your emotional reactions

As a Pisces, 
you possess a subtle, imaginative mind. You're also capable of tuning in to the universe. But when it comes to love and your emotional reactions, how do you rate? If you have learned to use your Pisces traits to good advantage, you'll score high on this test. 

If not, better study the answer you missed for some valuable tips. 

1. Do you keep your feelings top secret? 

2. Are you compassionate and sympathetic? 

3. Do you often feel sorry for your self? 

4. Is true love among your dearest goals? 

5. Are your lovers often undeserving of you? 

6. Are you poetic in your expression of love? 

HOW TO SCORE: Start with a base of 100. Add 10 points for each yes to even numbered questions. Deduct 10 points for each yes to odd-numbered questions. 70-100 Below average. Be more positive. 100-120 Very good. Skilled in relationships. 120-130 Excellent. You're irresistible! 



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