♓ PISCES, Love talk that will win hearts

You mysterious Fishes harbor hidden depths of emotion and may hesitate to reveal your heart's secrets. But you can improve your love life by being more open and free with compliments. Whether on a first date or a lifetime journey,

 Here's what the Signs most compatible with your own would like to hear.  

⭐TAURUS: Praise their Rock-of-Gibraltar nature and mention how much you need this bulwark of strength—who also needs to be needed. Your caring words can light the Bull's creative fires. 

⭐ CANCER: Tal k about the deep emotional bonds that link two such sensitive Signs. Tell the Crab what you secretly know: that this is an alliance of body, mind and soul. 

SCORPIO: Emphasize the depths of emotion you feel in their passionate presence, how over-whelmed you become. Use words like "soul mate," "karma" or "forever" that both of you so well understand. 

⭐ CAPRICORN: They'll be protective of your sensitive nature if you praise their practical strengths. Hint how well your gentle encouragement might help this ambitious soul get ahead. 


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